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ND Newsflash 1/2019 published

In this issue we introduce our three-year NDI Think Tank Action and bring you highlights from the Northern Dimension Future Forums. We are also glad to present the first Policy Briefs published by the NDI.

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ND Newsflash 2/2019 published

In this issue we give you a few examples of our latest activities.

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NDI attended the 29th Northern Dimension Steering Group meeting in Reykjavik

The NDI Think Tank Action was represented at the 29th Northern Dimension Steering Group meeting, which was held in Reykjavik, Iceland, on 7 June 2019. Project Leader Minna Hanhijärvi presented an insight of the ongoing Action, thematic research and planned activities for the end of the year. NDI will ensure designing thematic co-creation workshops in close collaboration with the ND Partnerships to ensure coordination, and synergies among planned ND events in the fall and relevant topics as well as relevant topics.

Reykjavik Copy







Reykjavik, Iceland. Image by Rebecca L from Pixabay

NDI in the 10th ND Forum in St. Petersburg

NDI was represented by NDI Lead Coordinator professor Riitta Kosonen and project coordinator Hanna-Elina Koivisto in the 10th Northern Dimension Forum on 4 April 2019 organized by the Northern Dimension Business Council, the Association of European Business and Graduate School of Management of the St. Petersburg University in St. Petersburg, Russia. This year the event was held on the topic of “Sustainable development in the era of global change: growth factors and (un)known challenges”.

The event gathered over 200 participants representing EU, ND Partnerships, the Regional Councils, Russian and international companies, industries, authorities, universities and International Financial Institutions from ND countries, Belarus, Canada and the USA.

The event consisted of sessions and panel discussions on future challenges in the global political, economic and public spheres. Professor Kosonen was invited as a panelist in the plenary round table discussion on sustainable development of the Northern Dimension, global challenges and the regional answers. She introduced the ongoing NDI Think Tank Action and the identified topics of interest and future challenges by the ND Partnerships and the research community. The thematic policy-relevant research in environmental sphere, for example, is focused on co-creating research-based solutions and recommendations for action to curb black carbon emissions in the Arctic.

Riitta Kosonen ND Forum 04042019
Riitta Kosonen during the plenary "Sustainable Development of the Northern Dimension: Global Challenges and the Regional Answers

Kosonen Resele Lipponen 04042019
Riitta Kosonen (NDI), Dace Resele, new Head of NDPC Secretariat and Paavo Lipponen, former Prime Minister of Finland

See more on the 10th ND Forum here (link)

NDI represented in the ND SOM meeting in Brussels

NDI lead coordinator team headed by professor Riitta Kosonen participated in the Northern Dimension Senior Officials’ Meeting (ND SOM) on 5 March 2019. The event was organized by the European External Action Service (EEAS) and chaired by EEAS Managing Director Thomas Mayr Harting in the Square Convention Centre in Brussels. All the key ND participants; ND Partnerships, the Regional Councils, International Financial Institutions as well as other representatives involved in Northern Dimension cooperation were present in the meeting. Belarus, Canada and the USA attended the meeting as observers.

The Senior Officials recognized the benefits and importance of the ND policy and the opportunities for providing a unique multilateral framework and people-to-people contacts to address practical common challenges in the Northern Dimension area. It was also encouraged to further joint work on both Baltic Sea Region and Euro-Arctic matters, using the Northern Dimension partnerships and structures for dialogue, joint projects and scientific cooperation. In her speech, professor Kosonen introduced the work of the Northern Dimension Institute (NDI) since 2016 with special focus on the four ND Future Forums arranged in 2018 and the EC co-funded NDI Think Tank Action launched from the beginning of 2019.

The Senior Officials recognised the work of the Northern Dimension Institute (NDI) and its coordinators - Aalto University, Northern (Arctic) Federal University and St.Petersburg State University of Economics in informing and publicising the Northern Dimension policy. They thanked the NDI for the Future Forums organised in 2018 and for the subsequent policy briefs.

 Riitta Kosonen ND SOM 2019NDI lead coordinator Riitta Kosonen during her speech at the ND Senior Officials' Meeting in Brussels 2019.

NDI Think Tank Action took part in the NDPC Steering Group Meeting

The NDI Think Tank Action was present at the NDPC Steering Group meeting in Rovaniemi, Finland, on 3 June 2019. Dr. Päivi Karhunen gave an overview of the Action and discussed synergies between the Action and the NDPC action plan for 2019. It was agreed that the Action will organize a co-creation workshop as part of the NDPC International Forum in St. Petersburg, Russia in November 2019. The Action will also continue its well-started collaboration with the NDPC’s new director Dace Resele. This includes, for example, jointly identifying relevant research on culture and creative industries in the ND area and fostering its communication to decision-makers and the public.

NDPC steering group 2019 



Participants of the NDPC SC Meeting in Rovaniemi

New head of NDPC visited Aalto University

Ms. Dace Resele, newly appointed head of the Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture (NDPC) secretariat, visited Aalto University on 16 April 2019. Ms. Resele was joined with Ms. Maija Lummepuro, the previous head of the NSPC steering committee, Senior Ministerial Adviser, Department for Cultural and Art Policy, Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland, and, Ms. Eva-Maria Hakola, Head of Development, and Ms. Aura Seikkula, Regional artist, Nordic cooperation from the Arts Promotion Centre Finland. Visit to Aalto University was included in Ms. Recele’s visit programme to the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland as the chairing country of the NDPC in 2018.

In the Aalto University, the visitors were introduced to the Aalto Design Factory and the ongoing cross-disciplinary student projects by DF Director & PDP Professor Kalevi "Eetu" Ekman. In the meeting with the NDI Coordination team headed by Professor Riitta Kosonen, the NDI Think Tank Action was introduced and potential collaboration activities with the NDPC were discussed.

Dace Resele visiting Aalto University web
Dace Resele visiting Aalto Design Factory

In the afternoon, three ongoing programmes and courses in the Aalto University School of Businessa and School of Arts, Design and Architecture were introduced:

Publications from the first year of NDI Think Tank Action

The NDI Think Tank Action conducts research on thematic areas jointly agreed with the ND partnerships. The themes for the first year of the Action include climate change impact in the Arctic, emerging transport and logistics routes between Europe and Asia, healthy aging and creative industries' contribution to societal challenges in the ND area. The intellectual outputs of this research includes policy briefs, academic articles and other scientific publications. The following publications were prepared during the first year (2019) of the Action.

NDI Policy Briefs

Troche, G. (2019) Euro-Asian land transport links – opportunities for rail.NDI Policy Brief 5/June 2019.http://www.northerndimension.info/news/news/853-northern-dimension-institute-policy-brief-5-euro-asian-land-transport-links-opportunities-for-rail

Golubeva, E. and Emelyanova, A. (2019)Healthy ageing innovations in care for older residents of remote northern areas. NDI Policy Brief 6/September 2019.http://www.northerndimension.info/news/news/871-northern-dimension-institute-policy-brief-6-healthy-ageing-innovations-in-care-for-older-residents-of-remote-northern-areas

Sorokina, T., Trofimova, A. and Varakina, J. (2019) Systemic biomonitoring needed to mitigate Arctic health risks. NDIPolicy Brief 7/December 2019,http://www.northerndimension.info/news/news/879-ndi-policy-brief-7-systemic-biomonitoring-needed-to-mitigate-arctic-health-risks

Siluanova, L., Kuznecova, S., Yakhyaev, D., Grigorishchin, A., Hairova, T. and Zadorin, M. (2020) Ensuring safety of navigation and reducing transportation costs in the Arctic with digital technologies. NDI Policy Brief 8/January 2020.http://www.northerndimension.info/images/Policybriefs/NARFU-digital-transport-final.pdf

Soloviova, A. (forthcoming)Symbolic resources of the Russian North in the global experience economy.Forthcoming as NDIPolicy Brief x/2020.

Academic articles and other scientific publications

Thematic Area Transport and Logistics

Rekord, S. (2019) Economy of the future the view of the new generation of investors (in Russian). Izvestia Sank-Peterburgskogo Ekonomicheskogo Universiteta(Известия Санкт-Петербургского государственного экономического университета). – Special issue to SPIEF 2019. № 4 Pp. 62–65.https://unecon.ru/sites/default/files/izvestiya_no_4-2019.pdf

Mishalchenko, Yu.V. and Piskun, L.P (2019)International economic and legal aspects of Northern Sea Route use (in Russian). Sovremennye problemy menedgmenta (Современныепроблемыменеджмента).СПб.:ООО «Скифия-принт».

Babich, S., Yakovleva, A. and Yulin, A. (2019)Transport and Logistics Potential of the Northern Sea Route in the Eurasian Economic Space (in Russian). Rossiyskaya Arktika, 4:5–14.https://russian-arctic.info/info/articles/ekonomika/transportno-logisticheskiy-potentsial-severnogo-morskogo-puti-v-evroaziatskom-ekonomicheskom-prostra/

Stepanova, V.V., Ukhanova, A.V., Laverov, N., Grigorishchin, A.V. and Yakhyaev, D.B. (2019) Evaluating digital ecosystems in Russia’s regions (in Russian). Economic and Social Changes: Facts, Trends, Forecast, 12(2): 73–90.http://esc.vscc.ac.ru/article/28138/full?_lang=ru

Panin, V. (2019) Transport connection Arctic, Far East, Siberia, Urals (in Russian). Expert conclusion published within International Arctic Forum 2019.https://roscongress.org/sessions/iaf-2019-transportnaya-vzaimosvyaz-arktika-dalniy-vostok-sibir-ural/expert/

Thematic Area Climate Change

Rekord, S. and Kulikov, D. (2019) International aspects of formation of technical and economic model of decarbonization of natural gas (in Russian). Problemy Sovremennoy Ekonomiki (Проблемысовременнойэкономики). 3 (71): 176 – 180.http://www.m-economy.ru/articles_pdf/71/PSE_71_p176_180.pdf

Kostin, K.B., Boldyrev, Y., Chernogorskiy, S., Shvetsov, K. and Zherelo, A. (2019) Mathematical model of regional socio-economic development of the Russian arctic zone resources. MDPI. Special Issue "Management of Comprehensive Development of the Arctic Territory". 8(1):45.https://www.mdpi.com/2079-9276/8/1/45

Rekord, S. (2019)Arctic as arena for cooperation or confrontation? Expert conclusions published within International Arctic Forum 2019 (in Russian).https://roscongress.org/sessions/iaf-2019-arktika-arena-protivostoyaniya-ili-sotrudnichestva/expert/

Voronin, M. (2019) Production and use of the LNG in Arctic. Expert conclusions published within International Arctic Forum 2019 (in Russian).https://roscongress.org/sessions/iaf-2019-proizvodstvo-i-ispolzovanie-spg-v-arktike/expert/

Maryandyshev, P. and Kangash, A. (forthcoming)Curbing black carbon emissions in the Arctic.To be published in 2020 as NDI Background Paper.

Thematic AreaHealthy Ageing

Golubeva, E. and Emelyanova, A. (2019) The Foster Family as a means of promoting social inclusion of older people in the Russian North. In: Naskali P., Harbison J., Begum S. (Eds.) New Challenges to Ageing in the Rural North. International Perspectives on Aging, 22. Springer, Cham.https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-3-030-20603-1_6

Thematic Area Culture

Soloviova, A. (forthcoming) Symbolic capital of the Russian North in the experience economy context. (manuscript prepared in 2019; to be published in 2020).

Science Communication Handbook available

A Science Communication Handbook is published in the framework of the NDI Think Tank Action.

The Science Communication Handbook provides researchers with guidelines of effective science communication. The handbook includes practical tools and examples that will help researchers to plan communication and interaction to support their research projects goals.

Science Communication Handbook (link to the PDF)

The Handbook is based on the communications training for researchers organized by the NDI Think Tank Action and conducted by the Kaskas Media, a Finnish communications agency that specializes in science and expert communication. Kaskas Media has produced the handbook based on the science communication training day materials.

The communications training for researchers was held on Wednesday 12 June 2019 at Aalto University. The Handbook and the training are part of the "Development of a think tank functions of the Northern Dimension Institute - NDI Think Tank Action”. The NDI Think Tank Action is a three-year project in 2019 - 2021 co-financed by the EC DG NEAR.

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