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Joint Master's Program on eHealth

Flensburg University of Applied Sciences, Aalborg University and Lithuanian University of Health Sciences in Kaunas have developed a Joint master's Program on eHealth (JMP eH).The program has been developed in the former EU-project ICT for Health – Information, Communication, Technology(2009-2012) and is on a good way to start in 2015.The partners havebuilt the curriculum and are now starting the joint accreditation process.

The JMP eH invites students with background in e.g. nursing, economy, medicine or informatics to study this innovative and job market-oriented master in three universities located around the Baltic Sea.

Kaliningrad Wastewater Treatment Plant finally in operation

The long-awaited wastewater treatment plant in Kaliningrad started operations on 18 December 2015 at about half of its capacity. By April 2016, the plant has reached almost full capacity processing biologically over 100,000 cubic meters of wastewater per day. The construction of the plant’s sand-filter and UV disinfection units will be finalized during the nearest weeks, and the handling and disposal of wastewater sludge will be solved during the next few months.

Larger challenges can only be solved across industries and fields

The role of cultural and creative industries (CCI) in fostering innovation and regional development was the focus of attention in the Creative Industries round table of the 6th ND Forum.

In the photo: Kenneth Agerholm (ARTLAB Denmark), Elizaveta Kiseleva (MosART), Ilze Gailite Holmberg (NDPC) and Silja Suntola (Creative Industries Finland) discussing during the creative industries round table. Photo: AEB.

ND Forum exploring the potential in the Arctic

The seventh Northern Dimension Forum focused on discussing the challenges and business opportunities in the Arctic region. The need for international cooperation and sustainable development in the Arctic was highlighted throughout the discussions. The ND Forum – organized by the Northern Dimension Business Council (NDBC) and the Association of European Businesses (AEB) – was held on 7 April 2016 in St. Petersburg with over 200 delegates attending the event.

ND needs practical cooperation and discourse

The mission of the Northern Dimension is to bring together partners in the Northern European area to achieve common practical goals in a number of areas important to us all. Academic cooperation has been a part of the Northern Dimension framework since 2009 when the Northern Dimension Institute (NDI) was set up. This autumn marks major new steps to reinvigorate the work of the NDI.

ND Newsflash 1/2019 published

In this issue we introduce our three-year NDI Think Tank Action and bring you highlights from the Northern Dimension Future Forums. We are also glad to present the first Policy Briefs published by the NDI.

You can find the ND Newsflash here (link).


Enjoy the reading!

ND Newsflash 2/2016 featuring the Arctic

In this issue we have an Arctic twist. The ND Newsflash brings you highlights from the 7th Northern Dimension Forum and presents you contributions from two keynote speakers of the Forum. We are also glad to present the first High North Hero. In addition, we feature recent achievements from the Northern Dimension partnerships. You can read the individual articles below.

ND Newsflash 2/2019 published

In this issue we give you a few examples of our latest activities.

You can find the ND Newsflash here (link).

Enjoy the reading and have a relaxing summer!

ND Newsflash 3/2016

In this issue we bring you views throughout the Northern Dimension, from the Arctic to the Baltic Sea. And don't forget to check out our new video "Exploring Northern Dimension".

We also wish you welcome to discuss the future of Northern Dimension during the EUSBSR Strategy Forum in the events organized by the NDPHS and NDI. See you in Stockholm!

You can read the individual articles below or download the ND Newsflash here: ND Newsflash 3/2016(September 2016).

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