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The latest Barents Saga newsletter is published

The latest Barents Saga newsletter is now available! Read updates from the BEAC chairmanship, reports on cross-border tourism and stories from a Russian beer brewery. The newsletter is available on the International Barents Secretariat webpage.

Transnational Destination Branding for the Baltic Sea Region

EUSBSR Policy Area Tourism has initiated a discussion paper series. It aims at improving the dialogue and exchange between tourism stakeholders in the Baltic Sea region, particularly those who are actively engaged or interested in transnational cooperation in tourism matters.

The first paper “Transnational Destination Branding for the BSR – Political Aspiration and Practical Application” is the first tangible result of strategic discussions within the Steering Group concerning the potential for joint actions. The paper discusses the reasons for transnational branding of the Baltic Sea Region and analyses the preconditions for such activities.

Download the full paper on EUSBSR website.

Trends and Challenges in Cultural and Creative Industry Policy Development within the Northern Dimension Area

Cultural and creative industries (CCI) are developing and growing rapidly throughout the Northern Dimension area. In many of the ND countries the CCIs have been growing faster than any other sector of the economy during the past few years. Nevertheless, the ND countries comprise a very heterogeneous region in terms of CCIs. This heterogeneity stems largely from the fact that the countries are at different stages of development considering the CCIs. Depending on the stage of development, there are considerable differences in how the CCIs are viewed ranging from traditional arts and culture to a focus on creative economy. Similarly, there are differences in which sub-sectors are included under the CCIs. Furthermore, the CCIs are only beginning to have a national policy status throughout the region, and the focus and real actions taken to develop the sector are varied.

Updated EUSBSR Action Plan

Following an extensive consultation with Member States concerned and stakeholders in the Baltic Sea region, a revised Action Plan of the EUSBSR was agreed with Member States concerned and now is finalised. The revised Action Plan, which is more streamlined and focused, consists of 13 policy areas and 4 horizontal actions, in total 17 thematic areas of macro-regional significance. It also includes a new chapter on the role of regional organisations/networks and their added-value within the EUSBSR. The revised Action Plan was presented at the 6th Annual Forum of the EUSBSR (15-16 June 2015, Jūrmala, Latvia).

For more information, please see the EUSBSR webpage

WWF report: All Hands on Deck. Setting Course towards a Sustainable Blue Economy

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) has published a report "All Hands on Deck. Setting Course towards a Sustainable Blue Economy", in which WWF invites all actors in the Baltic Sea Region – in government, civil society, and the private sector – to raise a bar on collective ambitious.

WWF stresses that the Baltic Sea region risks “missing out on hundreds of thousands of new jobs and billions in future revenue if we do not take decisive action now to protect and restore the sea’s ecosystems, and to use its resources and potential sustainably”.

The report introduces the concept of “Blue Economy” and describes how a sustainable Blue Economy can flourish in the Baltic Sea region.

Read the full report here.

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