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Project results: Alcohol and Drug Prevention Among Youth (ADPY); situation analysis for evidence based policies

The aim of the project was to reduce hazardous and harmful alcohol use and substance use in general among young people in municipalities around the Baltic Sea region through local empowerment and capacity building.

General recommendations on community-based alcohol and drug prevention 

ADPY Cooperation Model: Model of collaboration between different sectors in solving problems of alcohol use among young people

Project results: Healthification seed money project

Healthification seed money project

The state of play report resulting from this NDPHS Seed Money Project, funded by the German Ministry of Health, looks at the implementation  of Health in All Policies approach on the municipal level and availability of reliable and updated health data that can be used for evidence-based decision making, with the special focus on the analysis of Potential Years of Life Lost (PYLL). The report will inform the development of a larger project.

Project results: ImPrim


The aim of the project was to improve public health in the Baltic Sea region and, in particular, in its eastern part. Within this wide objective, the project focused on the role of primary health care and its benefits for the public health system as well as the regional competitiveness.

Project results: PrimCareIT


The aim of the project was to raise the attractiveness of remote primary health care. Opportunities for professional networking and continuing medical education as well as career development in remote areas are several issues which could be efficiently managed by means of tele-consultation and tele-mentoring, including social media. The project complements the Imprim and ICT for Health projects.

Project: Food and health security in the Norwegian, Finnish and Russian border region: linking local industries, communities and social-economic impacts

Food and health security in the Norwegian, Finnish and Russian border region: linking local industries, communities and social-economic impacts

Lead Partner: NILU (Norvegian Institute for Air Research)

The objective of the project is to assess the impact of industrial pollution on food safety and human health in the populated Norwegian, Finnish, and Russian border region. The project will also get insight into people’s risk perception due to pollution of their local environment through interviews and questionnaires.

Project: Northern Beauty

Northern Beauty - Barents' Visual Arts in the 1970s and the 1980s

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the people-to-people cooperation and identity building of the Barents region by establishing cooperation between arts and cultural institutions

Publication Settlements at the Edge: Remote Human Settlements in Developed Nations

The new book Settlements at the Edgeexamines the evolution, characteristics, functions and shifting economic basis of settlements in sparsely populated areas of developed nations. With a focus on demographic change, the book features theoretical and applied cases which explore the interface between demography, economy, well-being and the environment. This book offers a comprehensive and insightful knowledge base for understanding the role of population in shaping the development and histories of northern sparsely populated areas of developed nations including Alaska (USA), Australia, Canada, Greenland, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Finland and other nations with territories within the Arctic Circle.


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