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Arctic Resilience Forum 10-11 September 2018 in Rovaniemi, Finland

Regional development and politics
Monday, 10th September 2018 00:00 - Tuesday, 11th September 2018 00:00
Welcome to the 1st Arctic Resilience Forum on 10-11 September 2018 in Rovaniemi
The aim of the 1st Arctic Resilience Forum is to form a better understanding on cooperation possibilities connected to Artic resilience and to showcase and learn from concrete best practices in the Arctic.
Resilience is a cross-cutting topic which has become increasingly important to the Arctic Council in the face of rapid changes. The Arctic Resilience Action Framework (ARAF) was endorsed at the 10. Ministerial meeting in Fairbanks, USA, May 11 2017. It provides the Arctic Council with a common set of Guiding Principles and Priorities for Action, as well as a platform to continue discussing priorities as they evolve.
The Arctic Resilience Forum will focus on climate resilience work in the Arctic regions and help concretize the framework. The first day (10 September) is open for larger audiences and good examples of strengthening resilience in the Arctic will be showcased and discussed. On 11 September, the Forum continues with a workshop primarily dedicated to the Arctic Council working groups and other key Arctic stakeholders, with sharing of lessons learned and harnessing synergies between different angles of climate resilience work.
The Arctic Resilience Forum is organised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in Finland on behalf of the Finnish Chairmanship of the Arctic Council. The programme is prepared in close cooperation with the ARAF Implementation team and support from the Arctic Council Secretariat and input from the Arctic Council Working Groups. The programme is continuously updated.

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  • From Monday, 10th September 2018 00:00 to Tuesday, 11th September 2018 00:00

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