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Connected Transport Summit 2018, Brussels, Belgium

Transport and logistics
Tuesday, 16th October 2018 00:00
Connected Transport Summit 2018 - The future of mobility in the digital era
16 October 2018, Brussels, Belgium

Traditional means of transport have entered the digital realm at an exponential rate – redefining modern mobility in the process. Digital connectivity is not only a solution for new efficiency, safety and sustainability standards, but also a regulatory reality. Theory is turning into practice: How will authorities today build the future of tomorrow? With the EU’s third and final instalment of its ‘Europe on the Move’ mobility package just announced this May, along with key revelations regarding the EU budget post-2020, and the conclusion of key digital files within the Electronic Communications Code hoped for in June, lawmakers will be grappling with the nuts and bolts of intelligent transport systems (ITS), autonomous vehicles, data management, research spending priorities, smart cities and multi-modal networks. Join the event: many questions are on the table to steer discussions amongst over 120 policymakers, experts, regulators and disruptors cross-cutting sectors such as transport, tech, telecommunication, energy and more for a full-day, highly-interactive Summit in Brussels. POLITICO’s journalists will lead high-level interviews, dynamic discussions and breakout sessions.

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  • Tuesday, 16th October 2018 00:00

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