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Northern Dimension Future Forum 2018: Solving societal challenges through cultural and creative crossovers, St. Petersburg

Culture and creative industries
Thursday, 15th November 2018 12:00

Welcome to Northern Dimension Future Forum 2018: Solving societal challenges through cultural and creative crossovers

DATE: Thursday 15th November 2018, at 12.00-16.00
VENUE: Hotel Radisson Sonya, St. Petersburg, Russia

The potential of culture and creativity is increasingly recognized in solving the social and societal challenges of the 21st century, including issues related to health and social wellbeing, sustainability, and environment. This event brings together policy makers, artists, and creative professionals to discuss and share experiences on cultural and creative crossovers addressing these challenges. The crossovers can be understood “as a process of combining knowledge and skills specific to the cultural and creative sectors together with those of other sectors in order to generate innovative and intelligent solutions for today’s societal challenges” (Council of the European Union, 2015). The event aims to inspire the participants through knowledge exchange and interactive discussions focusing on recent experiments by various actors as well as policy developments at various governmental levels. As a concrete output, the event aims to develop policy visions and recommendations for the Northern Dimension area to strengthen the crossover potential of culture and creativity in the society.

Registration, programme and more info can be found here (link)


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  • Thursday, 15th November 2018 12:00

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