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ENERGETIKA XXI: economy, policy, ecology - The XII International scientific conference

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Wednesday, 13th November 2019 00:00 - Friday, 15th November 2019 00:00

ENERGETIKA XXI: Economy, Policy, Ecology - Global Energy Opportunities and Geopolitical Risks
The XII International scientific conference

Date: 13-15 November 2019
Venue: Courtyard Marriott Hotel, St. Petersburg

ENERGETIKA is a conference regularly held in St. Petersburg in the month of November to address recent developments in the energy sector on a global basis with special focus on Russia. It is organized by UNECON (the St. Petersburg State University of Economics), combining an open academic atmosphere with the insights of representatives of important energy companies, like Gazprom, Gazprom export, Uniper, etc. as well as from national and international public organizations.

A serious attitude toward the Paris Agreement (PA) implies a substantial change of world economies caused by decarbonization. On the positive side, this offers room for and indeed requires cooperation between hydrocarbon resource owning countries and energy consuming countries to achieve the PA targets. However, meeting these targets while minimizing economic costs means such cooperation is not straightforward. Obstacles – deeply embedded in unchallenged perceptions – are thrown up by a combination of simplistic solutions, delayed action or often one-dimensional solutions. Is an all-electric, all battery energy economy powered solely by renewable energy production really practical on its own? Do efforts to obstruct the construction and operation of Nord Stream 2 consider its possible conversion to zero carbon service as a hydrogen carrier?

These issues arise in the context of continuing unilateral approaches by the US by leaving the PA and fostering the position of US LNG by political means, asking an increase of military spending, instead of more investment for decarbonization, and populist movements around the world challenging remedies for climate change. It is thus paramount to foster an open discussion on the future of energy in a decarbonized world. To identify hidden assumptions, to seek as much common ground as possible and to find mutually appealing economic rationales within the boundaries of geopolitics. ENERGETIKA offers itself as a place for an open dialogue on economy, policy and environmental aspects of energy.

Conference languages are English and Russian, simultaneous translation will be provided.

Participation is free, subject to registration and available places.

Previous ENERGETIKA conferences and workshops programs, presentations and photos are available at: en.unecon.ru

Information letter and registration form are available at http://en.unecon.ru/page/energetika-xxi-economy-policy-ecology

Organizing Committee:
E-mail: energetika(at)unecon.ru
Tel.: +7 (812) 458-97-30 ext. 2818
21, Sadovaya street, 191023 Saint Petersburg, Russia


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  • From Wednesday, 13th November 2019 00:00 to Friday, 15th November 2019 00:00

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