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Study: Cargo Traffic on the Helsinki-Tallinn Route (2011)

Cargo Traffic on the Helsinki-Tallinn Route (2011)

Sundberg, Pekka; Posti, Antti; Tapaninen, Ulla
University of Turku, Centre for Maritime Studies

The twin-city model has found to increase economical activity and well-being. The similar economical, social and cultural background of Finland and Estonia as well as the EU integration give good preconditions to create a twin-city of Helsinki and Tallinn.

The relatively long distance between Helsinki and Tallinn is challenging. Therefore, good transport infrastructure and functioning connections are required to form a twin-city of Helsinki and Tallinn. The connections between these cities can be considered also in broader perspective than only from the viewpoint of the twin-city concept. New markets areas have been emerged in Europe due to collapse of planned economy and integration of Europe. Also the transport routes to the markets are changing. The Helsinki-Tallinn sea route can be considered as a fast route to the new markets in the Central and Eastern Europe. The Helsinki-Tallinn sea route is also a potential route to the Western European markets.

Tags: Transport & Logistics, European Union, Finland, Estonia, Publication

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