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Northern Dimension Newsflash 2/2020 published

Northern Dimension Newsflash 2/2020 has been published. In this Newsflash we announce the Northern Dimension Future Forum 2020…

Northern Dimension Day 2016

The second Northern Dimension Day will be held back-to-back with the 7th Strategy Forum of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR), scheduled for November 8th-9th, 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden.

We cordially invite You to the second Northern Dimension Day to hear and discuss the future visions in the Northern Dimension cooperation.

Can we turn the Arctic into a black carbon free area? Will the automatization of transport improve the connectivity of the region? How can we more effectively fight against the increasing antimicrobial resistance of bacteria? What is the role of creative industries in improving the region’s innovativeness? These and other future trends shaping the development and cooperation in the ND area in 2030 will be discussed by a group of insightful panelists representing the four ND Partnerships and the ND Business council.

Time: 7 November 2016 at 16:00-18:00 Venue: Festlokal Camarillo, Kungstensgatan 22, 113 57 Stockholm, Sweden (map).


15.30 Registration and refreshments 16.00 Opening of the event Riitta Kosonen, Director, Center for Markets in Transition (CEMAT), Aalto University School of Business, lead coordinator of the Northern Dimension Institute (NDI) 16.10 Panel discussion moderated by Monika Zamachowska, Polish journalist and moderator specialized in European affairs. Future visions discussed by:

Jaakko Henttonen, Adviser, Northern Dimension Environmental Partnership Marek Maciejowski, Director, Northern Dimension Partnership on Health and Social Wellbeing Oddgeir Danielsen, Director, Northern Dimension Partnership on Transport and Logistics Ilze Gailite-Holmberg, Senior Adviser, Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture Pavel Isayev, Adviser to General Director, Severstal & Northern Dimension Business Council

Q&A 17.30 Mingling & Tapas buffet

Please register by 31 October using this link. The seminar participation is free of charge, but prior registration is required as seats are limited.

If you have any problems with the registration, kindly contact us: cemat(a)aalto.fi.

Please follow also our Twitter account for info about the ND Day: www.twitter.com/ND_Institute

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Improving the accessibility of the Baltic Sea Region. The kick-off conference for three EU projects

The kick-off conference for three EU projects: NSB CoReScandria 2Act and TENTacle projects was held on April 7th at Kalastajatorppa in Helsinki and gathered for about one hundred participants. These three projects start their cooperation in order to develop the EU TEN-T Core Network Corridors intersecting the Baltic Sea Region.

The project North Sea Baltic Connector of Regions, NSB CoRe is led by the Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council from Finland, and  it aims to improve the sustainable accessibility of the Eastern Baltic Sea Region (EBSR) to freight and passenger transport.

The Scandria2Act is a project developing the northern sections of the Core Network Corridor from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean, prioritizing energy efficient solutions in freight and passenger transports. The TENTacle project focuses on the accessibility of peripheral regions in the Baltic Sea Region by developing their connections to the Core Network Corridors.

These three-year projects NSB CoRe, Scandria2Act and TENTacle have been approved by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme.

To get more information about the conference and the projects, please visit Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council web page.

Tero Vauraste: Arctic Economic Council Developing Business Opportunities in the Arctic

The Arctic Economic Council (AEC) is an independent business forum established to facilitate Arctic business-to-business activities, promote and support sustainable business and provide a circumpolar business perspective to the work of the Arctic Council. The AEC currently has members from all eight Arctic countries. In addition, companies from all parts of the world are welcome to participate in its work.

Paavo Lipponen awarded as High North Hero

Paavo Lipponen, former Prime Minister of Finland, received the first International High North Hero award during the High North Dialogue Conference in Bodø at the end of May.

More than 70 seminar proposals for 7th Strategy Forum of the EUSBSR

The organisers of the 7th Strategy Forum for EUSBSR in Stockholm, Sweden received more than 70 proposals by the deadline of 17 May 2016.

Some subjects raise the topics of (examples):

  • What happens if we do not work to improve the conditions of the Baltic Sea?
  • Can we envisage a "Vision Zero" for serious maritime accidents in the Baltic Sea?
  • How can culture and tourism interact?

The programming committee is now analysing the suggestions and will inform the groups that made their proposals by mid-June about which proposals are accepted and give deadlines for presentations in the official programme.

The outline of the programme is available on the Forum web: http://www.strategyforum2016.eu/

An integrated European Union policy for the Arctic

The European Commission has published the Joint Communication to the European Parliament and the Council: An integrated European Union policy for the Arctic.

In the publication, the European Commission underscores the importance of a safe, stable, sustainable and prosperous Arctic not just for the region itself, but for the European Union (EU) and for the world, and proposes actions to further develop an integrated policy towards the Arctic.

Success Cases, Challenges and Lessons Learned in the Northern Dimension

The First Northern Dimension Day took place in Brussels Résidence Palace on 9 December 2015. Over 50 interested from the European Commission, European Parliament and other stakeholders from the EU and the Northern Dimension area were present at the event, organized with the intention of spreading knowledge of the Northern Dimension (ND) policy and the ND partnerships.


Regional view to Northern Dimension

The Northern Dimension (ND) is an important policy forum for dialogue and cooperation between its partners. This applies also to the regional level. ND partnerships offer possibilities for development in fields that have direct impacts at the regional level, for the people. Coming from – and also representing the Finnish side of – the Northern Sparsely Populated Areas (NSPA), the ND sometimes seems a bit southern on its orientation. However, I’m glad to see that a lot of attention is put on the northern cooperation networks. Barents cooperation, for example, with a long and fruitful national and regional cooperation between the northern partners of the ND (Russia, Norway, Sweden and Finland), has potentially much to offer. Noting also the attention and activities in the Arctic area, there is huge potential that the ND can contribute significantly also to the development of the NSPA.

Nordic Economic Policy Review: Whither the Nordic Welfare Model?

Torben M. Andersen
Jesper Roine

The Nordic Economic Policy Review is published by the Nordic Council of Ministers. This year’s issue is part of the Danish presidency programme for the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2015. The review addresses policy issues in a way that is useful for in-formed non-specialists as well as for professional economists. All articles are commissioned from leading professional economists and are subject to peer review prior to publication.

To read the review, please visit the Nordic Council of Ministers' website.

Report: State of the Nordic Region 2016

Authors: Julien Grunfelder, Linus Rispling and Gustaf Norlén

The report "State of the Nordic Region" is the fourteenth volume in the series “Regional Development in the Nordic countries”. The report draws on the latest available statistics to present an analysis of demographic changes, labour market trends, education, economic performance, and developments in accessibility and infrastructure. In addition,the report includes a Regional Potential Index, which highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the 74 Nordic Regions in relation to one another, and identifies the regions with the strongest growth potential.

To read the report, please visit the Nordic Centre for Spatial Development website.

Publication: Sustainable Business Development in the Nordic Arctic

The publication "Sustainable Business Development in the Nordic Arctic" has been produced as part of the project Foresight Analysis for Sustainable Regional Development in the Nordic Arctic, commissioned by the Nordic Working Group for Sustainable Regional Development in the Arctic. The Working Paper contributes with insight into the key areas of private business activities in the Nordic Arctic of large-scale industries, the bioeconomy, tourism, and the field of creative industries in an Arctic context.

To read the publication, please visit the Nordic Council of Ministers' website.

Co-operation between the Nordic Council of Ministers and North-West Russia resumes

The Nordic Council of Ministers took decision to resume co-operation with North-West Russia on 3 February. The new co-operation programme and structure will be evaluated in 2017.

The suspension in the co-operation was caused by the decision of Ministry of Justice in Moscow to categories the Nordic Council of Ministers’ offices in St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad as “foreign agents” in January 2015. However, in autumn 2015 the Council of Ministers organized a working party made up of experts in Russian affairs, on which it was concluded that there is still scope for co-operation, mainly in education and research, journalism and relations between parliamentarians.

For more information, please visit the Nordic Council of Ministers' website.

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