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Publications from the first year of NDI Think Tank Action

The NDI Think Tank Action conducts research on thematic areas jointly agreed with the ND partnerships. The themes for the first…
Title Published Date
Researchers learned to make an impact with science communication 13 June 2019
NDI attended the 29th Northern Dimension Steering Group meeting in Reykjavik 11 June 2019
Northern Dimension Institute Policy Brief 5 - Euro-Asian land transport links – opportunities for rail 10 June 2019
NDI Think Tank Action took part in the NDPC Steering Group Meeting 10 June 2019
NDI organizes a communications training for researchers 03 June 2019
How to use the NDI to boost growth in the Northern Dimension area? 27 May 2019
New head of NDPC visited Aalto University 23 April 2019
NDI in the 10th ND Forum in St. Petersburg 17 April 2019
ND Newsflash 1/2019 published 26 March 2019
NDI represented in the ND SOM meeting in Brussels 26 March 2019
NDI Think Tank Action Launched 05 March 2019
Upcoming call for applications: Third country participation in the Baltic Sea Region 08 February 2019
Baltic Sea Region Forum 2019 in Turku, Finland 08 February 2019
Northern Dimension Institute Policy Brief 4: Healthy Ageing Calls for a Holistic Approach published 04 February 2019
Northern Dimension Institute Policy Brief 2: The curbing of black carbon emissions offers many benefits for the Arctic published 04 February 2019
Northern Dimension Institute Policy Brief 1 - Designing innovative public services published 01 February 2019
Funding for the project 'Development of a think tank functions of the NDI' received from EC 18 January 2019
Seed funding available for the cooperation projects in the Baltic Sea region 14 January 2019
A new Work Plan for Culture adopted by the Council of the European Union 22 December 2018
The Baltic Rim Economies 4/2018 published 22 December 2018
New Nordic-German cooperation will support Nordic health technology companies access the German market 18 December 2018
Summaries and video from the Northern Dimension Future Forums available 11 December 2018
Bridging the gap between the evidence-based knowledge and implementation in promoting Healthy Ageing 07 December 2018
Emerging Euro-Asian land and Arctic maritime trade routes open new business opportunities 05 December 2018

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