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Summaries and video from the Northern Dimension Future Forums available

The Northern Dimension Institute (NDI) organized four Northern Dimension Future Forums in November 2018. The first was the…
Title Published Date
BART - Proejct: Public-Private Partnership in Barents Tourism 09 April 2014
Project: Food and health security in the Norwegian, Finnish and Russian border region: linking local industries, communities and social-economic impacts 09 April 2014
Study: Models for International Innovation Policy : Transnational Channels and Regional Platforms (2013) 09 April 2014
The Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture is prolonged 09 April 2014
Latest EUSBSR Newsletter tells about NDPHS' work 08 April 2014
Apply Now: EIT ICT Labs' European entrepreneurship competition is on 08 April 2014
Apply Now: N.I.C.E. Network & Award 08 April 2014
Barents Studies 1/2014 07 April 2014
Apply Now: Nordic-Russian co-operation projects within Education for Tomorrow 04 April 2014
Apply Now: Finnish Arctic research programme 04 April 2014
Project: Barents Protected Area Network (BPAN) 28 March 2014
Project: Healthier People: Management of Change through Monitoring and Action 28 March 2014
Project: Baltic Link Gdynia-Karlskrona 28 March 2014
Project: Baltic Sea Mentoring Cloud (BSMC) 28 March 2014
Study: Interpersonal communication about politics among Russian migrants in Finland 28 March 2014
Study: Pasvik Water Quality Report Environmental Monitoring Programme in the Norwegian, Finnish and Russian Border Area (2011) 28 March 2014
Study: Patient-specific computer-based decision support in primary healthcare - a randomized trial (2014) 28 March 2014
Study: Futures of Northern Cross-Border Collaboration (2013) 28 March 2014
Project: Young Innovative Entrepreneurs 13 March 2014
Bonus Calls 2012-2014 30 November 2012
Join us for an exciting international energy project! 23 August 2012

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