The Northern Dimension (ND)

The Northern Dimension (ND) is a joint policy of four equal partners: the European Union (EU), the Russian Federation, Norway, and Iceland. It was initiated in 1999 and renewed in 2006.

The ND policy aims at supporting stability, well-being and sustainable development in the region through practical cooperation. The Northern Dimension operates through four partnerships on the environment, public health and well-being, transport and logistics, and culture.

The international university network Northern Dimension Institute (NDI) serves the information needs of the Northern Dimension policy. The Northern Dimension Business Council and the Northern Dimension Parliamentary Forum complement the cooperation and increase awareness of the ND within the wider society. 

Read more about the ND geographic coverage and funding on the European External Action Services’ website →

The Northern Dimension brochures
available for download

Fact Sheet:
Exploring the Northern

The fact sheet on Northern Dimension history and present. Includes an overview of the ND structure and the main achievements of the Northern Dimension and its partnerships (PDF published in 2020).


Northern Dimension:
Towards a More  Sustainable Future

This brochure gives an overview of the Northern Dimension policy and highlights the signature achievements of the ND (PDF published in 2020).


The Northern Dimension Partnerships

Supporting Structures