Apply Now: N.I.C.E. Network & Award

N.I.C.E. Network & Award

Deadline for application is 15 April 2014.

The European centre for creative economy (ecce) is charged with the sustainably development of the creative industries and the pan-European networking from the Ministry of Family, Children, Youth, Culture and Sports of the State North Rhine-Westphalia.

As Lead partner of the “Network for Innovation in Culture and Creativity in Europe” (N.I.C.E.) ecce will bestow the N.I.C.E. Award at the Forum d´Avignon Ruhr 2014 this year for the second time.

Participants from the EU (member states and candidate countries) can now apply under the slogan “Spillover Innovations”: artists, cultural professionals and entrepreneurs with finished projects in the cultural and creative industry, scientists, universities with ongoing research projects as well as municipalities and regions with political measures and strategies.

The award looks for projects, researches and strategies of the cultural and creative economies that effect society in an innovative way (so called spillover).

There is total price money of 5.000 Euro to win and a presentation in the N.I.C.E. exhibition opening on the evening before the Forum d’Avignon Ruhr 2014 on 10 June. The minister for economic affairs of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia Garrelt Duin will present the award on 12 June at the 3. Forum d´Avignon Ruhr and Creative Business Cup will attend the event as partner for this years’ N.I.C.E. Award.

Further information about the award and the application form are supplied here. The applications for the N.I.C.E. Award can be directly submitted via E-mail to