Barents Institute, Norway

In response to the need to produce knowledge about and to explain the border region between Norway and Russia, and to gain competence on the transnational relationships among the countries in the Barents Region, The Barents Institute was forged in 2006. The central focus of The new Barents Institute is on the research and knowledge production regarding border regions and borderlands in Europe. In the process, we aim to fill a niche in Norwegian academia, which does not yet offer a specialization on border studies and research. Located in Northern Norway, The Barents Institute also pursues goals outlined in Norway’s strategic plans on the High North within the Barents Region and in comparative perspective.

Contact person(s):
Urban Wråkberg,Professor, The Arctic Univesrsity of Norway, Department of Tourism & Northern Studies
Dr Aileen A. Espíritu, Director of the Barents Institute