Belarus State University of Transport, Belarus

The University has 8 Faculties, which provide training of students of the preparing (full-time education). The University has a Faculty of Professional orientation and to Preparatory education, where students prepare to enter the University. The University has a correspondence Department, where specialists are trained for industrial production for 6 years. Training is remote in nature. Twice a year the students come to the University to pass examinations, or listen to a lecture course (Duration of each session is 1 month). After they receive the diploma of higher education in the areas listed above. The University has a scientific-research sector, which directs the work of the University with production. When the chairs were created 10 research laboratories engaged in the development of fundamental science and the tasks of production.

Contact person(s):
Konstantin Bochkov, Pro-rector on Scientific Work, Dr.Sci.Tech., Professor, Establishment of Education, Belarus State University of Transport
Regina Vostrova, Manager, Cand.Tech.Sci., Faculty of Ecology and rational use of water resources, Ministry of Education