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NEFCO’s Framework Agreement with Belarus

Belarus joined Northern Dimension Environmental Partnership (NDEP) in 2010 and the first phase of wastewater treatment projects in Vitebsk, Grodno and Brest has now entered an implementation phase. NDEP grants of EUR 6 million have attracted IFI loans and additional bilateral grants from Finland and Sweden. The total financing package for the three cities is approximately EUR 70 million. Encouraged by this success, Belarus pledged new funds to NDEP to finance the next phase of additional wastewater treatment investments, potentially worth around EUR 56 million. For this purpose, NEFCO signed a Framework Agreement with the Government of Belarus on 20 January in London to step up their activities to protect the environment in the Northern Dimension Area.

New issue of "Green Growth the Nordic Way"

Nordic Council of Ministers has published a new issue of the web magazine "Green Growth the Nordic Way" that focuses on climate financing and parliamentary follow-up to COP21 (the 2015 Paris Climate Conference). This issue looks at two factors, namely the role of the elected parliamentarians to ensure climate action and the possibilities to secure a better financing for green investments.

Read the "Green Growth the Nordic Way"

Northern Dimension Future Forum on Environment: Black carbon and Climate Change in the European Arctic, 19 Nov 2018, Brussels

DATE: Monday 19 November 2018, at 13:00 – 17:00
VENUE: Thon Hotel EU, Rue de la Loi 75, 1040 Brussels, Belgium
Northern Dimension Future Forum on Environment: Black carbon and Climate Change in the European Arctic brings together European decision-makers and top experts to discuss the challenges and solutions available to tackle climate change by reducing black carbon emissions.
Temperatures in the Arctic are rising clearly faster than the global average temperatures. Black carbon, that may cause some 20-25% of the warming in the Arctic and has also detrimental health impacts, has received special attention by intergovernmental bodies, national governments, NGOs and academia. For example, the Arctic Council, Northern Dimension Environmental Partnership, Climate and Clean Air Coalition and the World Bank’s Zero Routine Flaring by 2030 all aim at reducing black carbon emissions.
The Forum will showcase solutions-oriented initiatives and actions underway to reduce black carbon emissions and inspire deeper collaboration between research and governments for evidence-based policy-making and actions. The event features two knowledge arenas consisting of expert interventions followed by decision maker comments and a moderated discussion. The Forum will underline the opportunities and potential to reduce black carbon emissions fast by adopting already existing effective technological solutions and policies, thus mitigating climate change globally, and particularly in the European Arctic regions.
Participants will include representatives of national governments, EU institutions, European Parliament, intergovernmental organizations, international financial institutions as well as business, academia and civil society.
More information and registration here (link)

Open call for transnational smart grids projects

Nordic Energy Research, in cooperation with NordForsk, is facilitating the call process on behalf of the ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus partners.

ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus is an initiative of funding programmes from 21 European countries and regions. The overall goal of ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus is to support knowledge-sharing between European smart grids initiatives by promoting and financing joint projects. This document is an invitation to respond to the 2016 joint transnational call for smart grids projects in Europe. The total available budget is approximately €20 million.

Deadline for application is June, 15.

For further information, please visit the Nordic Energy Research website.

Project: ENERU

ENERU –project

Lead Partner: Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Finland

This project aims to strengthen cross border cooperation in energy management to increase business cooperation among South Kola region in Russia, Finnish Lapland and Norrbotten Sweden.

Project: Polar Renewables: Independent Energy Supply – POLARIS

Polar Renewables: Independent Energy Supply – POLARIS

Project Partners: Autonomous non-commercial organization Nenets Energy Efficiency and Cleaner Production Center (Russia); North-Western United Power Generating Company, Narjan-Mar Branch (Russia); FCG Finnish Consulting Group Oy (Finland); Municipal Unitary Enterprise Amdermaservice, Nenets Autonomous Okrug (Russia)

The Project aims to support cross-border cooperation of the participating Russian and Finnish neighbouring regions in wider use of renewable energy sources thus contributing to increase of their environmental and economic sustainability and accessibility as well as to reduction of their periphery and economic dependency on more developed regions.

Publication: The Rapidly Developing Nordic Bioeconomy: Exerpt from State of the Nordic Region 2018

Nordic Council of Ministers has published a reprint of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ State of the Nordic Region 2018 about the Nordic Bioeconomy.
  • Refsgaard, Karen
  • Teräs, Jukka
  • Kull, Michael
  • Oddsson, Geir
  • Jóhannesson, Torfi
  • Kristensen, Iryna
The Rapidly Developing Nordic Bioeconomy is a reprint of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ State of the Nordic Region 2018. The new bioeconomy, and the general shift from a fossil-based to a bio-based economy, is an area with vast potential for the entire Nordic Region, although it is more relevant to some geographical areas than to others.
The publication maps the scale and distribution of bio-based industries, such as forestry, fisheries, aquaculture and biogas production and contains informative and concise description of the Nordic Bioeconomy.
You can find the publication here.

RENSOL project ending

The project “Energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions in Kaliningrad Oblast” (RENSOL) is ending after almost three years. NDI has been one of the project partners and Baltic Development Forum (BDF) has led the implementation work. Now there is a story about the RENSOL project in the latest BDF Newsletter. You can find the Newsletter here.

The project’s key focus was on energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy solutions (RES) in Kaliningrad Oblast. The overall project objective was to enable partners in Kaliningrad – in collaboration with Nordic partners – to tackle climate change challenges more effectively through EE and RES solutions, and thereby supporting the cross-border and cross-level cooperation.

For more information about the RENSOL, please see project's website http://www.rensol.eu/

Report: Energy and Transport – Key results and recommendations (2014)

Report: Energy and Transport – Key results and recommendations (2014)

Filip Ehrle Elveling (Editor), Hans-Olof Dahlberg, Hans Fridberg, Lars Hasselager-Olsen, Ágústa Loftsdóttir, Lars Nilsson, Mogens Schrøder Bech, Erlend Solem, Per-Andre Torper and Tom Warras

The Energy and Transport programme, spanning from 2010 to 2014, has aimed to contribute to making the Nordic region a leading region in Europe for developing, demonstrating and using new, sustainable energy technologies in the transportation sector.

This report summarises the programme’s results and key recommendations, pointing to a successful outcome with novel project ideas, new Nordic partnerships and combined research efforts. The Nordic countries are, though having a lot in common, different in many aspects. It is when combining these differences to achieve mutually beneficial results that the Nordic region can really become a leading region of new, innovative technology developments in sustainable transportation.

Nordic Energy Research

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