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Synergies of Creative Industries and Cultural Tourism: growth factors and known and unknown challenges

The round table discussion “Sustainability and Synergies of Creative Industries and Cultural Tourism” took place within the 10th Northern Dimension Forum on April 4, 2019 in St. Petersburg, Russia. The discussion was moderated by Elena Bogdanova, Director of the “Kizhi” Open-Air Museum and Dace Resele, Head of Secretariat, Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture (NDPC).

With the help of case studies about the Synergies between Creative Industries and Cultural Tourism, the Round Table focused on an analysis of how these two sectors create products that encourage the development of human capital, social inclusion, strengthen connectivity, support responsible innovation and contribute to the development of the region. The focus of the Round Table was public sector and mostly non–commercial activities.

Seven presentations were given during the Round Table, followed by a discussion with the audience. Participants were from Northwest Russia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland. At the end of discussion, there were several conclusions that have been drawn:

  • Taking into account rapid societal changes and the challenges within the CCI and Creative Tourism sector, one of the prerequisites for its further development is to boost professional capacity. It is evident that there is a lack of trained, educated specialists within these fields. That is why occasionally those are the investors who are upgrading the professional skills of stakeholders.
  • Cultural tourism should be more environmentally and socially responsible. That is a relatively recent issue within these sectors, but it goes hand in hand with the common Northern Dimension directives that could be more accentuated in the implementation of future projects.
  • In order to encourage local social initiatives, CCI organizations should apply an NGO approach to regional development through work with communities, raising social awareness and supporting individual social or cultural initiatives.
  • Collaboration between administration and authorities – local, municipal, regional and international – on the one hand, and NGOs, local businesses, on the other hand, is necessary in order to create the most effective services and products for the benefit of communities. It is crucial to develop specific cooperation mechanisms, e.g. private companies supporting CCI structures whose business values are overlap with theirs.
  • International cooperation serves as a quality indicator and helps to evaluate local strengths and weaknesses within the Creative Tourism and CCI sectors.

The ND Business Forum is an annual event and is primarily aimed at fostering cooperation between business, authorities and civil society involved in developing the Northern Dimension area in the changed reality.

Riitta Kosonen Dace Resele Paavo Lipponen web

Dace Resele
Writer is a new head of the Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture (NDPC) secretariat

Ms. Dace Resele (in the middle) with NDI Lead Coordinator Ms. Riitta Kosonen and Mr. Paavo Lipponen at the ND Business Forum in St. Petersburg.

Tero Vauraste: Arctic Economic Council Developing Business Opportunities in the Arctic

The Arctic Economic Council (AEC) is an independent business forum established to facilitate Arctic business-to-business activities, promote and support sustainable business and provide a circumpolar business perspective to the work of the Arctic Council. The AEC currently has members from all eight Arctic countries. In addition, companies from all parts of the world are welcome to participate in its work.

The Future of Northern Dimension cooperation must be secured

In these times of tension between Russia and Western Europe there is a real success story: the Northern Dimension cooperation. It is an equal Partnership between Russia, European Union, Norway and Iceland, concentrating on projects of common interest in four fields: environment, health, transport and logistics, and culture. For each field there is a Partnership with own specific structures. On the political level, the Foreign Ministers´ biannual meetings are the top decision making body for the Northern Dimension. The Ministerial meeting held two years ago under the chairmanship of Lady Ashton was attended by 14 Foreign Ministers.

The Northern Dimension: An often forgotten but important neighbourhood policy

In academic circles, the Northern Dimension (ND) receives far less attention than the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) or the EU’s enlargement policy. This can be attributed to the specific features of the ND. In contrast to most other EU external policies, the ND does not aim at the export of values and norms but rather offers a pragmatic format for cooperation with its neighbours, in the first place the Russian Federation.

Tightening links between education and business

One of the critical issues for firms’ competitiveness is the availability of skilled labour. In Russia, both domestic and foreign companies are constantly plagued with the shortage of skilled labour. This is due to the profound changes in the Russian education system and the declining interest of school graduates to primary and secondary level vocational education. The demographic decline in Russia further escalates the problem.

Towards cross-overs between cultural and creative industries and other sectors

Ilze Gailite-Holmberg (Senior Adviser of ND Partnership on Culture), what does the future look like in cultural and creative industries in the Northern Dimension area by 2030?

Photo:  Senior Adiser Gailite-Holmberg with Northern Dimension Business Council member Pavel Isayev during ND Day.

Where are we heading – wealthier and healthier in the decades to come, or just the opposite?

As part of the EUSBSR Strategy Forum, the Northern Dimension Partnership on Health and Social Well-being (NDPHS)  will host a seminar "Where are we heading – wealthier and healthier in the decades to come, or just the opposite?" on November 8th. The seminar, organized in cooperation with the eHealth for Regions Network, will discuss a topic close to the heart of each and every one of us, namely our chances to live a healthy and wealthy life in 2030.

Where are we heading: Healthier and wealthier?

Current and possible future regional challenges to health and social care as well as the economic impacts of population health in the Northern Dimension countries were discussed in a seminar organized by the ND Partnership in Public Health and Social Wellbeing (NDPHS) in cooperation with the eHealth for Regions Network during the EUSBSR Annual Forum in Stockholm.

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