Exploring the Northern Dimension

Project: Indigee

Indigenous Entrepreneurship project - Indigee 2

“Boosting successful businesses based on indigenous values”

The Indigee project idea is based on the principles of strengthening regional development by means of contributing to economic development of indigenous communities in these regions.

Project: Listening to Architecture, Composing spaces

Listening to Architecture, Composing spaces. Baltic Network of Design, Architecture and Music

The project aims to introduce in Russia the best European experiences in the fields of environment friendly architecture and energy-saving building construction, design of public spaces for disabled people and design and architecture for children through a number of activities.

Project: LNG in Baltic Sea Ports (EUSBSR)

LNG in Baltic Sea Ports (EUSBSR)

Lead Partner:  Port of Helsingborg

Baltic Ports Organization has initiated ‘LNG in Baltic Sea Ports’ project as a response to the IMO’s decision to establish new sulphur content limits in marine fuels sailing in Emission Control Areas (covering the Baltic, the North Sea and the English Channel) from the 1st of January, 2015.

Project: MineHealth - Sustainability of miners´well-geing, health and work ability in the Barents Region

MineHealth - Sustainability of miners´well-geing, health and work ability in the Barents Region

Lead Partner: Umeå University Department of Public Health & Clinical, Sweden

The project will provide long term sustainability of well-being, health and work ability among workers in the mining industry on the Barents region.

Work in the mining industry situated in the Barents region is characterized by exposure to harsh climatic conditions. Therefore specific knowledge is needed about the separate and combined risks that are unique for the regional mining industry. The project will increase this knowledge. It will also work on various measures of protection against the harmful conditions of the work on arctic mines.



Lead partner: Swedish Maritime Administration, Market Department, Sweden

MONALISA aims at giving a concrete contribution to the efficient, safe and environmentally friendly maritime transport.

Project: Polar Renewables: Independent Energy Supply – POLARIS

Polar Renewables: Independent Energy Supply – POLARIS

Project Partners: Autonomous non-commercial organization Nenets Energy Efficiency and Cleaner Production Center (Russia); North-Western United Power Generating Company, Narjan-Mar Branch (Russia); FCG Finnish Consulting Group Oy (Finland); Municipal Unitary Enterprise Amdermaservice, Nenets Autonomous Okrug (Russia)

The Project aims to support cross-border cooperation of the participating Russian and Finnish neighbouring regions in wider use of renewable energy sources thus contributing to increase of their environmental and economic sustainability and accessibility as well as to reduction of their periphery and economic dependency on more developed regions.

Project: Sustainable Mining, local communities and environmental regulation in Kolarctic area (SUMILCERE)

Sustainable Mining, local communities and environmental regulation in Kolarctic area (SUMILCERE)

Lead Partner: University of Lapland, Finland

Project’s overall objectives are to support public-private collaboration for achieving the sustainable development; to enhance the using of developed practises and recommendations for sustainable social licensing, environmental regulation; to sustain research network collaboration; to contribute to the diminishing risks in global mining investments in the Euro-Arctic Barents region.

Project: The Baltic Sea Hub and Spokes

The Baltic Sea Hub and Spokes

Partners: Ports of Gothenburg Sweden, Århus, Denmark and Tallinn, Estonia

The Baltic Sea Hub and Spokes project is a project co-funded by the TEN-T Motorways of the Sea programme that creates the necessary framework for an integrated maritime transport system.

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