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A link between Europe and the Arctic - Railway development in Finland

Helsinki remains committed to build a connection through the Gulf of Finland and all the way to the Norwegian Arctic coast. Construction could start in few years, a member of the country’s Parliament says.

In a comment to the Barents Observer, Oddgeir Danielsen, leader of the Northern Dimension Partnership for Transport and Logistics, says the projects address a “missing link between Europe and the Arctic”.  «The Helsinki-Tallin tunnel and the Arctic Railroad will unlock the huge Arctic potential and give impetus to a sustainable economic development both in the region and as well for a number of countries both in Europe, Russia and Asia».

Read the full article on Barents Observer webpage.

A new tool to assess off-shore wind power logistics costs

Logistics is an important competitive factor for the offshore wind industry. With a share of up to 20% of total cost, logistics expenses have a significant impact on the profitability of a wind farm. However, compared to other industries, the wind energy sector is still far away from transparency in logistics costs. A particular challenge for the maritime supply chain results from the effects of disturbances such as the influence of weather conditions, which considerably complicate the planning of a holistic logistics concept.

Innovations based on tight co-operation between researchers and industry are required to tackle problems like this. A good example of such cooperation is the Offshore Logistics Diagnostic tool developed by the Institute of Shipping Economics and Logistics (ISL), Fraunhofer IFF, and Logistics Service Agency Bremerhaven. It was used in practice with the energy supplier EnBW to simulate maritime logistics processes for the construction of the offshore wind farm Baltic 2. It is the first offshore logistics planning tool based on dynamic simulation technology that has been successfully used in practice. The tool supports the planning of logistics concepts as well as the verification of previously proposed concepts for the construction of offshore wind farms. It can therefore support all actors involved, including logistics service providers, energy suppliers, manufacturers, shipping companies, port operators, engineers, or banks and insurance companies.

A strategic partnership created to develop smart ships

Rolls-Royce and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd have announced a strategic partnership to design, test and validate the first generation of remote and autonomous ships.

VTT has deep knowledge of ship simulation and extensive expertise in the development and management of safety-critical and complex systems in demanding environments such as nuclear safety. They combine physical tests such as model and tank testing, with digital technologies, such as data analytics and computer visualisation. They will also use field research to incorporate human factors into safe ship design. As a result of working with the Finnish telecommunications sector, VTT has extensive experience of working with 5G mobile phone technology and wi-fi mesh networks. VTT has the first 5G test network in Finland.

Read more about the partnership on VTT website.

AGH University of Science and Technology: elimination of overloaded vehicles from roads

AGH University of Science and Technology has signed a collaboration agreement with companies operating within the framework of the Cluster of Intelligent Transportation Systems, designed for the dynamic weighing of vehicles on the move. In the near future, these systems may become a key element related to the improvement of the condition of road infrastructure and safety on roads.

The main task of the team is the introduction to the administrative use in Poland the systems of the dynamic weighing of vehicles in motion.

Read more on the AGH UST website.

Arctic Maritime Security SARC Project launched

The Finnish Border Guard has launched the SARC Project to enhance and develop cooperation and competence of the maritime security authorities in the Artic countries with a practical approach. Increasing activity in the Artic demands also the authorities to evaluate and develop their competence and ways of cooperation in the challenging conditions. The SARC project invites the authorities to act together but the project also aims to work closely with the stakeholders within representing Arctic industry and research. The project promotes actively Finnish Arctic knowhow and best practices.

Read more about the project on Finnish Border Guard website.

Aurora test ecosystem - for intelligent transport and automated driving in the Arctic

Arctic testing ecosystem for intelligent transport and automated driving is being built in Finnish Lapland. The improvement of highway E8 is underway to meet the requirements of the public test area.

Advantages of the Aurora test ecosystem include:

•Precise mobile positioning
•Extensive telecommunications network
•Intelligent highway E8 with ITS-equipped test sections
•Network of more than 20 private and public sector members
•Project management services

Read more about the Aurora project on the website.

BEAC Transport Ministerial and the Steering Committee of the Barents Euro-Arctic Transport Area convened

The BEAC Ministerial Meeting took place in Arhangelsk, Russia on June 20th. The gathered participants from transport authorities from Norway, Finland, Sweden, European Commission, regional administrations - members of the Barents Regional Council, International Barents Secretariat, Council of the Baltic Sea States, as well as various stakeholders in the transport sector, and academics.

Read more: http://www.ndptl.org/activities-and-news/-/view/1221


Bridging firms, policies and academia for the benefit of the Northern Dimension

The Northern Dimension (ND) is a mosaic of diverse histories, traditions, strengths and challenges. ND area has a lot to gain from taking advantage of the diverse capacities within the region. Furthermore, in times of geopolitical tensions, economic problems and social challenges, joining forces for the joint benefit is increasingly pivotal. We have a lot to gain from tackling common problems and pinning down the potential of freely flowing people, goods and ideas.

Business views on the Northern Sea Route

Photo: Jarmo Vehkakoski

There has been quite a buzz about increasing transportation in the Arctic routes, particularly in the Northern Sea Route during this decade. The NSR has been envisioned to provide a new transport route from Europe to Asia, and Russia and China have both projected a major increase in cargo volumes transported via the NSR in the coming years.

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