EU-Russia Researchers’ Mobility Forum in Brussels

The EU-Russia Researchers’ Mobility Forum will be held in Brussels, Belgium on 25 September 2014.

The Forum is dedicated to mobile researchers – the crucial link for scientific cooperation, exchange of best practices and creation of lasting partnerships between the EU and Russian scientific communities.

The focus of the EU-Russia Researcher’s Mobility Forum will be partnership in science through mobility. To illustrate the benefits of, and opportunities for, mobile researchers, the event will showcase success stories from the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions (MSCA), a programme set up by the European Commission to support researchers in all phases of their careers and in all scientific disciplines, to improve their working conditions and to foster mobility across borders and sectors.

For scientists and professionals in research and higher education, the EU-Russia Researchers’ Mobility Forum will provide plenty of networking opportunities, a platform for exchange of experiences, and a chance to build on productive and mutually beneficial partnerships. Fellows who have benefited from MSCA funding will present their own work at a poster session combined with elevator pitch for an even greater impact and more dynamic presentation. The event will also feature special interdisciplinary sessions dedicated to health, climate change and nanotechnology research – main EU-Russia research areas covered by the MSCA.

By addressing some of the most important present and future challenges, it will open up the space for discussion of the most recent findings and breakthroughs across the entire spectrum of scientific disciplines. At the same time, the participants will have a very concrete opportunity to meet and link with potential new partners in their own area of interest, thus leading to prospective opportunities in EU-Russia scientific cooperation.

Registration deadline is 15 September, 2014. For more information and registration form, please visit the Forum’s website.