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Thursday, 3rd December 2020 00:00

The Northern Dimension Institute organizes an annual Future Forum that gathers experts, decision-makers and stakeholders to exchange information on topics of relevance for the ND thematic partnerships: environment, health and social wellbeing, transportation and logistics, and culture.

Combatting COVID-19 in the Northern Dimension Area

Date: December 3, 2020, at 9 am -3.30 pm CET
Venue: online
Organizers: Northern Dimension Institute & Northern Dimension Partnership in Public Health and Social Well-being (NDPHS)

Please register for the event no later than December 2 here >

The Future Forum event consists of two sessions:

Session 1
9 am - 12 pm CET
“We are in it Together” – Enhancing Regional Knowledge Exchange to Combat COVID-19
The morning session organised by the Northern Dimension Partnership in Public Health and Social Well-being (NDPHS) explores the health-related challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. It functions as a platform for exchanging experiences and strengthening collaboration.

Session 2
1 pm - 3.30 pm CET
Living in the New Normal after COVID-19

The NDI coordinates the afternoon session, a live panel discussion focusing on broader societal impacts of the COVID-19 epidemic, e.g. how did the COVID-19 change the world and how does this change relate to other societal trends. The discussion will be streamed online.

Download the preliminary programme (pdf) here >

Registration for the event: https://webropol.com/ep/nd-future-forum-combatting-covid19-2020
Deadline for the registration is December 2, 2020.

Feel free to forward this invitation to interested experts in your region.

For further information and an updating agenda, please visit:

ND website, Facebook and Twitter 

NDPHS website, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

The first ND Future Forum 2020 event 'Curbing Black Carbon Emissions in the Northern Dimension Area' took place on November 24. See the event information here > 

We warmly welcome you to the Future Forum 2020!

Professor Riitta Kosonen
Lead Coordinator of the Northern Dimension Institute
Aalto University


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  • Thursday, 3rd December 2020 00:00

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