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ASSW Arctic Science Summit Week / March 19-26, 2021

Regional development and politics
Friday, 19th March 2021 - Friday, 26th March 2021
Online (Portugal)
Framed by the overarching theme for the Science Conference “The Arctic: Regional Changes, Global Impacts”, Lisbon invites International experts on the Arctic and Indigenous Peoples to discuss the “New Arctic” and also its impacts and interactions to and with the lower latitudes.
On behalf of the Portuguese Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) and the Local Organizing Committee we are pleased to invite you to take part in the Arctic Science Summit Week 2021, which will take place in Lisbon from 19 to 26 March 2021. The Conference is organized by FCT, Ciência Viva, AIR Center, the Portuguese Arctic Community and by IASC and partners.
Due to COVID-19 pandemic we are working towards an excellent online Science Symposium in ASSW2021, which will also allow for wider access across the world. We expect that it will be a very good opportunity to discuss Arctic science, engineering, education, as well as Indigenous and local community issues. Hence, we are looking forward to meeting you all online soon and to organize a very fruitful ASSW2021.

All Dates

  • From Friday, 19th March 2021 to Friday, 26th March 2021

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