December, 2021


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The 7th International NDPC Cultural Forum and b.creative join forces for an international event focusing on the transversal nature of cultural and creative entrepreneurship and its capacity to foster social and economic change. The Forum will be held on 10 and 11 December. On 10 December the Forum will take place online, and on 11 December both an online and onsite programme in Saint-Petersburg is foreseen. The Covid19 pandemic has brought many challenges to both museums and creative communities, disrupting the whole cultural and creative value chain from creation, production to exhibition. At the same time, it has uncovered many opportunities and new areas and formats to explore and contribute to. In this event, we will approach the peculiar relationships between creative entrepreneurship and the museum community, exploring innovative collaborations and perspectives for a wider engagement with audiences and creative professionals.

The event “Reaching New Horizons: Creative Entrepreneurship and Museums” aims at building bridges between the creativity, technology, innovation, business and cultural sectors, including museums to explore these questions with concrete experience from culture and creative professionals. It is designed to enable international experience sharing between cultural and creative entrepreneurs including museums and provides unique networking opportunities.

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More information available on the event page:
Reaching New Horizons: Creative Entrepreneurship and Museums (


December 10 (Friday) - 11 (Saturday)

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