For an Ambitious EU Arctic and Northern Policy

In the report “For an ambitious EU Arctic and Northern policy” Finland’s former Prime Minister Paavo Lipponen emphasizes a necessity to strengthen EU presence in  the Arctic to benefit from Northern economic activity, to play a full role in combating climate change and to support positive political development in the region.

The EU should develop a Northern Policy, covering the whole Northern Dimension area from Greenland to North-West Russia to Northern Germany and Poland. Such a policy should cover all Northern European international institutions: Arctic Council, Barents Euro-Arctic Council, Council of Baltic Sea States, Nordic Council and Council of Ministers and Northern Dimension Cooperation. EU coordination of Member States Northern policies would be needed for maximum effect. Setting up a special Arctic and Northern coordinating unit in the European External Service should be considered. Overall coordinating responsibility should lie at the level of Commission Vice-President. EU presence can also be strengthened by high-level participation in important meetings.

Read the report here.