Funding for the project ‘Development of a think tank functions of the NDI’ received from EC

The Northern Dimension Institute is happy to announce that we have signed the Grant Contract with European Commission (EC) for funding of our project Development of a think tank functions of the NDI for the next three years. The project is jointly designed and implemented by Aalto University as the Lead Partner, in partnership with University of Oulu (UOULU, Finland), International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA, Austria), Northern (Arctic) Federal University (NArFU, Russia) and St. Petersburg State University of Economics (UNECON, Russia).

The NDI Think Tank project (Development of think tank functions of the Northern Dimension Institute) is designed to enhance genuine regional cooperation in the Northern Dimension (ND) area through science diplomacy, capacity building and people-to-people contacts.

NDI Think Tank project will focus on the following:

  • strategic development and institutionalisation and of the Northern Dimension Institute (NDI) into a regional think tank.
  • support decision-makers, ND partnerships, ND Steering Group members, ND Parliamentary Forum, ND Business Council, Barents actors, and other key stakeholders in their research-based information needs, thus enhancing evidence-based decision-making.
  • ensure level-playing field and platform for connecting the ND decision-makers and key stakeholders with the academic community into an open dialogue, people-to-people contacts, co-creation and dissemination on topics of common interest in the thematic fields of the four ND partnerships.
  • strengthening the voice of the civil society actors, including academic community, non-governmental organisations and the business community, as the key evidence-based knowledge providers and actors in dialogue on the common challenges and available solutions in the ND area,
  • raise awareness of the ND, ND partnerships, research-based information and policy briefs about the common challenges and available solutions on the jointly selected topics, future trends as well as outcomes of the ND collaboration.

The project website will be opened soon.

NDI Think Tank Project Overview (pdf)

Shortly about the Northern Dimension Institute

  • Established in 2009 by the approval of the Northern Dimension Ministerial Meeting in Stockholm
  • An open network of 33 universities and research institutes
  • Since November 2013, coordinated by Aalto University, St Petersburg State University of Economics and Northern (Arctic) Federal University
  • A neutral academic actor
  • Fulfils information gaps and disseminates information within the four priority themes of the ND: Energy & environment; Culture; Health & Social wellbeing; Transport & Logistics

The contact persons for the project management is Ms. Minna Hanhijärvi, minna.hanhijarvi(at), tel. +358 505745017 and project communication Ms. Hanna-Elina Koivisto, hanna-elina.koivisto(at), tel. +358403538150

Contacts for NDI coordination (link)