Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania

The Institute of Europe is a structural subdivision of Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), associated with the Faculty of Social Sciences and founded on January 2, 2001, after the re-organization of the Department of European Integration of the above-mentioned Faculty.

The Institute of Europe curates the European Integration master studies programme. It publishes the journal European Integration Studies (in English) that is cited in the EBSCO database.

In cooperation with other University departments, National and European universities as well as National and European institutions, Institute of Europe: Organize, coordinate and analyze European processes, lifestyle and integration outcomes for the cultural, social and economic fields, especially in the technological area and industry; Conduct Master degree European integration studies as well as Bachelor degree European studies, prepare PhD students; Accumulate and disseminate European Union official information in the European Documentation Centre; Pursue consulting and educative activities related with Europe integration processes. First Cycle (Bachelor’s Degree) Programme of European Studies During this time of your studies you will go deep into modern European history in a comparative perspective, the complexity of European cooperation processes, cultural differences between countries and into the multiplicity of European Union’s enlargement and integration processes. During your studies you will learn to interpret changes taking place in Europe and policies, will participate in and carry out projects, where you will learn to work in a multicultural team and develop skills of discussion, design activities, intercultural communication; as well as you will have the opportunity to learn how to communicate fluently and constructively in Lithuanian, English and French or German languages. The program is conducted in conjunction with the KTU Faculty of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities.

Contact person(s):
Kestutis Krisciunas, Professor, Director, Kaunas University of Technology,Institute of Europe
Živilė Paužaitė, Manager of Academic Exchange and Networks, KTU Department of International Relations