Komi Science Center, Ural Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

The scientific complex of the Komi Republic is one of the most developed among the regions of Russia. Numerous scientific expeditions studying the natural resources of the Pechora and the possibilities of their use worked on the territory of the republic at the beginning of the 20th century. Pechora science and history station established in Ust-Tsilma in 1906 was the first scientific institution of the Russian Academy of Sciences on the territory of the republic.

The first learned society known as the Society for the Komi Krai Research aiming at a comprehensive study of the region was established in Syktyvkar in 1922. More than 100 research groups and expeditions worked on the territory of the region in the 1920s preparing a basis for the development of scientific investigation. The natural resources of the region have attracted attention of numerous science centers. Along with dozens of various expeditions and research groups working on the territory of the republic the Society has prepared basis for the development of scientific investigation. The Society for the Komi Krai Research has made a contribution into organization research and development in humanities.

The systematic academic research on the territory of the Komi Republic started in the 1930s. The Komi Scientific Research Institute was established in Syktyvkar in 1934 starting the investigation of the Komi language, literature, history, agriculture and geology of the region.

Today the Komi Science Centre comprises six institutes, the Biologic Research and Development Station in Vylgort, the Department of Mathematics, the Laboratory of Comparative Cardiology and the Department of Humanitarian Interdisciplinary Studies (includes the Scientific Archive and Encyclopedia). It has a publishing house, a scientific library, the museums of Geology, Biology and Archaeology and preserves its own social infrastructure.

The widely known Academician N.P. Jushkin scientific school of Mineralogy, Academician M.P. Roshchevsky school of Environmental Physiology and Academician Yu.S. Ovodov school of Molecular Immunology and Biotechnology were formed in the Komi Science Centre. Academician A.M. Askhabov scientific school is developing actively.

The fundamental and applied scientific investigations carried out in the Komi Science Centre are a basis for innovative development, especially for the natural resources sectors of economy. The Komi Science Centre has possibilities for development of research in physical and mathematical sciences, biochemistry and complex geosystems analysis, for organization of centers for innovations and small innovative enterprises, for construction of new buildings and permanent study areas.

Contact Person: Aleksandr Lyurov

email: cooperation(a)presidium.komisc.ru