Larger challenges can only be solved across industries and fields

The role of cultural and creative industries (CCI) in fostering innovation and regional development was the focus of attention in the Creative Industries round table of the 6th ND Forum.

In the photo: Kenneth Agerholm (ARTLAB Denmark), Elizaveta Kiseleva (MosART), Ilze Gailite Holmberg (NDPC) and Silja Suntola (Creative Industries Finland) discussing during the creative industries round table. Photo: AEB.

Businesses can benefit from collaboration with CCIs in many ways, including product innovation, strategy development, consumer involvement and innovative working methods. Similarly, CCIs can help cities and regions e.g. in developing cultural identity and branding. Practical case examples of such collaboration were given in four presentations throughout the ND area: Denmark (ARTLAB), Finland (CREATIVE INDUSTRIES FINLAND) and Russia – Moscow (MosART) and Cherepovetz city council.

The roundtable concluded that cross-sectorial cooperation between CCIs and other sectors needs fostering. For example, the CCIs and other businesses need regular platforms where to meet, share experiences and gain inspiration about potential ways of cooperation. In addition, the success cases need to be communicated more effectively to the larger audience.

The session was organised by the ND Partnership on Culture (NDPC) in collaboration with the Association of European Businesses in Russia and the Northern Dimension Institute. The presentations and conclusions of the round table are available at the NDPC’s website.