Northern Dimension Institute (NDI)

NDI is an academic partner in the Northern Dimension (ND) structures. The NDI prepares Northern Dimension-related studies and reports, and coordinates the collection of funding for research projects.

The Northern Dimension Institute (NDI), established in 2009, is a university network open to all interested higher-level educational institutions and research institutes. NDI pools expertise primarily in the four priority sectors of the Northern Dimension Policy (transport and logistics, culture, public health and social wellbeing, and environment). NDI aims to foster cooperation between the academia, public sector and business actors as well as disseminate and promote information and expertise related to Northern Dimension among the decision-makers and society at large.

NDI activities are primarily carried out in close collaboration with the ND Partnerships and ND Business Council (NDBC). NDI is a forum for connecting academics and practitioners: for academics it provides opportunities for interesting assignments on topical themes, and for practitioners it offers independent academic research and advice.

NDI has a practice-oriented approach as it develops demand-driven projects where research information and best practices between the academia, public sector and business actors are created through cooperation.

NDI is coordinated by Aalto University/Center for Markets in Transition (lead coordinator) (Finland), Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics (UNECON) (Russia), and Northern (Arctic) Federal University (NArFU) (Russia).

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