NDPHS e-Newsletter 1/2016

The Northern Dimension Partnership in Public Health and Social Well-being (NDPHS) is pleased to announce that a new issue of its bi-annual e-newsletter is now available on the NDPHS website. This issue of the NDPHS e-Newsletter opens with an article about the policy-to-project-to-policy regional conference recently organised by the NDPHS Secretariat and hosted by the WHO Regional Office for Europe. The Partnership promotes the policy-to-project-to-policy approach as it sees it indispensable in making meaningful and lasting contributions to systemic improvements in the Baltic Sea Region and, with this, to successfully addressing regional challenges to health and social well-being.

Further on, we invite the readers to meet the leaderships of the NDPHS Experts Groups that have been reformed last year following the adoption of the new NDPHS Strategy 2020 and its accompanying Action Plan. As the reformed expert groups are already in a full swing working towards achieving the agreed regional goals and objectives, we hope this can offer plentiful opportunities for other interested stakeholders to become involved in mutually supportive regional efforts.

For readers interested in strategic issues seen from a macro-regional cooperation perspective, we have included two articles. Finally, we give an account of one of the projects successfully implemented by the NDPHS Secretariat and invite interested actors to join us in implementing our new project.

Please note that NDPHS e-Newsletters are distributed only in an electronic format and can be downloaded from the NDPHS website at http://www.ndphs.org/?e-newsletter. Wishing you an enjoyable reading and a relaxing summer!

Further information:

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