New data on EUSBSR in KEEP

KEEP, the online database of territorial cooperation projects and beneficiaries, has very recently added a new possibility to its search engine. Users can now opt to search for data within the specific scope of the European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR). The new EUSBSR search criteria (in the ‘Advanced Search’ section) will open to KEEP users access to information on the projects and partners of this EU Strategy, its Priority (Policy) areas and horizontal actions. This new data in KEEP includes not only Interreg / Territorial Cooperation projects, but all types of projects that are in line with the EUSBSR, part of its flagship projects, or flagship projects themselves. Users can either look for detailed information project by project or opt for an aggregated vision of the projects within the scope of this EU Strategy, by exporting their search results to Excel.

For more information, please visit EUSBSR website