New NDPHS Newsletter Out

The latest NDPHS e-Newsletter focuses on the growing antimicrobial resistance that poses an increasingly serious threat to public health. A new NDPHS project, which addresses this issue and has been recently launched, is presented to that end. You will also find an update on the progress made by the NDPHS project on the HIV prevention among youth at high risk, and learn about the successful efforts of EUSBSR Priority Area Health stakeholders in attracting seed money funding. For those interested in the project-to-policy efforts, we present an article how ideas and advice provided by the NDPHS Expert Group on Non-Communicable Diseases have been followed in practice on a country level.

NDPHS e-Newsletter 2/2014

NDPHS e-Newsletter is published by the Northern Dimension Partnership in Public Health and Social Wellbeing (NDPHS) Secretariat.