New Science Communication Handbook available

A Science Communication Handbook is published in the framework of the NDI Think Tank Action.

The Science Communication Handbook provides researchers with guidelines of effective science communication. The handbook includes practical tools and examples that will help researchers to plan communication and interaction to support their research projects goals.

Science Communication Handbook (link to the PDF)

The Handbook is based on the communications training for researchers organized by the NDI Think Tank Action and conducted by the Kaskas Media, a Finnish communications agency that specializes in science and expert communication. Kaskas Media has produced the handbook based on the science communication training day materials.

The communications training for researchers was held on Wednesday 12 June 2019 at Aalto University and it provided inspiration and tools for researchers for interacting with decision-makers and sharing their research results and policy recommendations in an effective manner.

The Handbook and the training are part of the “Development of a think tank functions of the Northern Dimension Institute – NDI Think Tank Action”. The NDI Think Tank Action is a three-year project in 2019 – 2021 co-financed by the EC DG NEAR.