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Northern Dimension Newsflash 2/2021 is out

The Northern Dimension Newsflash 2/2021 is out! In this newsletter: The Northern Dimension Institute is currently mapping…

Programme: Children and Youth at Risk in the Barents region

Children and Youth at Risk in the Barents region (CYAR)

Barents Euro-Arctic Council

Children and Youth at Risk in the Barents region (CYAR) is a multilateral programme carried out in Norway and run by the Steering Committee on Youth and Children at Risk.The major goal of the Programme is to find effective solutions for common problems faced by marginal children and youth in the modern society. These problems are related to social, educational, health and other spheres of life, as well as law enforcement, unvenal crimes, etc.There are special training courses for the specialists in parents guidance based on "The Incredible Years" by Dr. Caroline Webster-Stratton.

Project: MineHealth - Sustainability of miners´well-geing, health and work ability in the Barents Region

MineHealth - Sustainability of miners´well-geing, health and work ability in the Barents Region

Lead Partner: Umeå University Department of Public Health & Clinical, Sweden

The project will provide long term sustainability of well-being, health and work ability among workers in the mining industry on the Barents region.

Work in the mining industry situated in the Barents region is characterized by exposure to harsh climatic conditions. Therefore specific knowledge is needed about the separate and combined risks that are unique for the regional mining industry. The project will increase this knowledge. It will also work on various measures of protection against the harmful conditions of the work on arctic mines.

Project: Barents Mediasphere

Lead Partner: Arctic Centre, University of Lapland, Finland

The "Barents Mediasphere" -is a new and long awaited project which mainly aimed at creation of a cross-border media network able to arrange training courses and meetings for regional journalists, as well as to produce media content.The goal of the Barents Mediasphere project is to create a flexible cooperation mechanism for journalists working in the region and to increase regional visibility in media and in other open sources. It aims to improve the cross-border communication and information flow.

Read more Barents Mediasphere

Project: Climate Change and Biodiversity

Climate Change and Biodiversity

Lead Partner: University of Umeå, Sweden

The capacity of protected areas in the Barents Region to conserve biodiversity threatened by climate change project is initiated by the Umeå University as its already second project related to vulnerable ecosystem and biodiversity of the Barents Region.

Project: Barents Encyclopedia

Barents Encyclopedia

The Barents Encyclopedia presents a comprehensive picture of numerous regional projects, historic roots of current developments and review of cultural, socio-economic and political prerequisites for a lasting and intensive transborder cooperation.

Website: Barents Culture

Barents Culture- an Arctic Experience

The Barents Culture site has been up since May 2012 and is the only specialized information channel about culture in the entire Barents Region.

Study: Coherent Northern Dimension (2011)

Coherent Northern Dimension (2011)

The Policy Priorities of the Arctic Council (AC), the Barents Euro-Arctic Council (BEAC), the Council of Baltic Sea States (CBSS) and the Nordic Council of Ministers (NCM), in comparison with the Northern Dimension objectives

Aalto, Pami; Espiritu, Aileen A; Lanko, Dmitry A.;  Naundorf, Sarah

Northern Dimension Institute

This report examines the coherence of the work of the main regional intergovernmental organisations in the area covered by the Northern Dimension policy of the EU, Iceland, Norway and Russia – the Arctic Council, the Barents Euro-Arctic Council, the Council of Baltic Sea States and the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Study: Changing Business Environment of the Barents Region – overview to current issues (2012)

Changing Business Environment of the Barents Region – overview to current issues (2012)

Alila, Hanna; Tuomela-Pyykkönen, Marika

University of Oulu

The study illustrates the preliminary views of the studies by the authors. Both studies concentrate on the Barents Region and their objectives are linked to company competences – one studies the company competences enabling successful business operations and the second one concentrates on mining procurement competencies.

BART - Proejct: Public-Private Partnership in Barents Tourism

Lead Partner: Multidimensional Tourism Institute, Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences

Today tourism industry plays a important role in the economy of each country of the Barents region, and its importance is growing higher every day.

Project: Young Innovative Entrepreneurs

Young Innovative Entrepreneurs is a business development project that will make it more attractive for young entrepreneurs to stay and do business as well as initiate projects in the Barents region.

The Young Innovative Entrepreneurs project aims to develop a support system for implement innovative business ideas by young innovative entrepreneurs in the Barents region, facilitating cross-border cooperation.

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