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Northern Dimension Newsflash 2/2021 is out

The Northern Dimension Newsflash 2/2021 is out! In this newsletter: The Northern Dimension Institute is currently mapping…
Title Published Date
Health and economic development are tightly interlinked 16 September 2015
The latest issue of the web magazine Green Growth the Nordic Way 30 June 2015
Baltic Rim Economies Issue 3, May 2015 29 May 2015
New study on Finland’s prospects for economic growth in the Arctic and Northern regions. 22 May 2015
Interregional Cooperation in the Changed Reality and Interaction within Civil Society 06 May 2015
ND Forum emphasized the interaction of business, authorities and civil society during harsh economic times 30 April 2015
New Design Policy Monitor 2015 examines future trends in design policies and programmes in Europe 07 April 2015
Business Support for creative start-ups 13 February 2015
Northern Dimension – dialogue and practical projects benefitting the people in the north 13 February 2015
Report: Growth from the North. How can Norway, Sweden and Finland achieve sustainable growth in the Scandinavian Arctic? 29 January 2015
Tightening links between education and business 03 November 2014
Article: E-Commerce in Russia: Rapid Growth (Temporarily?) Challenged 30 October 2014
Integration Potential of Logistics in the Global Economy 30 October 2014
A new bioeconomy in the Baltic Sea Region – doing a lot with little 09 October 2014
The Health Economy in the Baltic Sea Region - Challenges and Opportunities 28 August 2014
Baltic Sea Region's State of the Region Report 2014 published 06 June 2014
Study: Perceptions and Strategies of Arcticness in Sub-Arctic Europe (2014) 05 May 2014
International Conference in honour of K. Arseniev “Problems in Economic Geography and Spatial Development Statistics”, Russia 24 April 2014
International Conference «The perspectives of socio-economic development of border regions» June, 10th 2014 24 April 2014
Application call for organization of Russian and International scientific conferences 14 April 2014
Perspectives of Socio-Economic Development of border regions in Petrozavodsk, June 10, 2014 11 April 2014
VIII International From Science to Business Forum 11 April 2014
Project: Indigee 10 April 2014
Study: NDI Brainstorming "Northern Sea Routes from Viewpoints of Logistics, Economics and Geopolitics" (2012) 09 April 2014
Study: Guidebook to financing infrastructure for transport and logistics within the Northern Dimension (FIND) (2013) 09 April 2014

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