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Study: Private transport market stakeholders in the area of Rail Baltica (2011)

Private transport market stakeholders in the area of Rail Baltica (2011)

City of Warsaw, prepared by „EU-CONSULT” Sp. z o.o.

The present study explores the private sector perspectives towards the development of a transport network in the Baltic Sea Region, with a special focus on Rail Baltica.

This study, together with the research into the public sector stakeholders, both form an empirical basis for the RBGC project, which strives to improve the conditions for a multimodal transport network in the Baltic Sea Region. The two studies carried out in the RBGC on decision-making processes in public and private sectors both form a pioneering summary about the communication and power relations concerning Rail Baltica in each country. This knowledge will serve to develop a transnational Transport Information Network for passengers as well as to improve the interoperability of logistics centres. In policy-making, the information about decision-making structures will support a series of interregional and transnational roundtables which will be working towards a joint transport strategy for Rail Baltica.

Tags: Transport & Logistics, Baltic Sea Region, Publication

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