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Project: Baltic Sea Mentoring Cloud (BSMC)

Baltic Sea Mentoring Cloud (BSMC)

Lead partner: Stralsund University of Applied Sciences, Germany

The main focus of the “Baltic Sea Mentoring Cloud” (BSMC) is to strengthen the communication and knowledge transfer between SMEs, acting in the field of information and communication technology (ICT), in the Baltic Sea region (BSR) with the help of a mentoring cloud accessible via the World Wide Web.

The essence of this mentoring cloud is the communication and training between senior entrepreneurs/managers/professionals or retired specialists (the mentor) and junior entrepreneurs managers/young professionals (the mentee). As mentees and mentors come be from different regions and countries the use of the BSMC leverages their intercultural und international competencies. In this way – online via the cloud, and offline via real face-to-face meetings – new business ideas can be realized, and the borders between different regions will be further dismantled. This cross-border collaboration enables both parties to gain access to new markets, human resources and knowledge.

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