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Upgrading Science Communication skills in the ND academic community

The NDI is contributing to better knowledge-based decision making culture in the Northern Dimension area. In the era of economic, environmental and health related uncertainties it is increasingly important to bring the best relevant research-based knowledge into use of policy makers.

The NDI is actively serving the information needs of ND Partnerships in Environment, Transport and Logistics, Culture, and Health and Social Wellbeing. To facilitate this, the NDI is training the ND academic community in science communication skills.

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In 2019, the NDI organized a science communication training that helped researchers and experts to identify key decision makers and to translate research results into policy-relevant language. This year the science communication training will focus on how to elaborate research results and expert knowledge into insightful policy briefs. The training will be offered to the ND Think Tank Action partners, wider academic community, and experts representing the ND Partnerships.

The training will result in the publication of several policy briefs for the use of ND Partnerships.

The training will take place in Aalto University in autumn 2020, or it will be organized as a web-based course.

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