Exploring the Northern Dimension

New brochures depict the Northern Dimension in a nutshell

The NDI has produced two new brochures in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Finland. The new brochures depict the four thematic partnerships of the Northern Dimension in a nutshell, providing the stakeholders with an easy way to take the message forward and engage on the ND topics. The new brochures are the first condensed presentations of the Northern Dimension.

Feel free to download the brochures and distribute them to your interest groups!

Fact Sheet: Exploring the Northern Dimension

Fact Sheet Exploring the Northern Dimension p1 2 2

The fact sheet outlines the Northern Dimension history and present. It includes an overview of the ND structure and the main achievements of the Northern Dimension and its partnerships. 

Northern Dimension: Towards a More Sustainable Future

Northern Dimension Towards a More Sustainable Future p1 2 2

This brochure gives an overview of the Northern Dimension policy and highlights the signature achievements of the ND. 


The brochures are available for download in PDF format. If you would like to have the brochures printed, please contact the NDI for the print files.

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