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Northern Dimension Newsflash 2/2021 is out

The Northern Dimension Newsflash 2/2021 is out! In this newsletter: The Northern Dimension Institute is currently mapping…
Title Published Date
Study: Rail Baltica Growth Corridor Work Package 4 Final Report (2012) 09 April 2014
Study: Prospects of Northern Sea Route and Murmansk Transport Hub Development 09 April 2014
Study: NDI Brainstorming "Northern Sea Routes from Viewpoints of Logistics, Economics and Geopolitics" (2012) 09 April 2014
Study: INIS - International Node Information System for the Rail Baltica Growth Corrdor (2012) 09 April 2014
Study: Definition of the Core Transport Network in the Northern Dimension area (2012) 09 April 2014
Study: Competing Transportation Chains in Helsinki-Tallinn Route: Multi-Dimensional Evaluation (2012) 09 April 2014
Study: Bothnia Arc Seaports report (2012) 09 April 2014
Study: Drivers of Demand in Cargo and Passenger Traffic between Penta Ports (2012) 09 April 2014
Study: WP6 LOGISTICS PILOT expert group final report (2013) 09 April 2014
Study: The Impact of Ship Crews on Maritime Safety (2013) 09 April 2014
Study: Marketing concept for extension of transnational travel information system (2013) 09 April 2014
Study: Logistics of North-West Russia and Rail Baltica: Standpoints of Private Sector (2013) 09 April 2014
Study: Joint Barents Transport Plan report (2013) 09 April 2014
Study: Guidebook to financing infrastructure for transport and logistics within the Northern Dimension (FIND) (2013) 09 April 2014
Study: Feasibility study for integrating Helsinki and the Baltic States to the RB Travel Information system (2013) 09 April 2014
Study: Development of Kaunas Public Logistics Centre (PLC) and infrastructure in the area under its influence (2013) 09 April 2014
Study: Cross-border logistics between EU and Russia (2013) 09 April 2014
Study: Challenges for Effective Logistics in the Barents region: a study on the cross-border operations between Finland and the Murmansk region (2013) 09 April 2014
Project: The Baltic Sea Hub and Spokes 09 April 2014
Project: Motorway of the Sea Rostock-Gedser 09 April 2014
Project: MONALISA 2.0 – Taking maritime transport into the digital age 09 April 2014
Project: MONALISA 09 April 2014
Project: Methanol : Marine Fuel of the Future 09 April 2014
Project: LNG in Baltic Sea Ports (EUSBSR) 09 April 2014
Project: EUBORDERSCAPES 09 April 2014

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