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Northern Dimension Newsflash 2/2021 is out

The Northern Dimension Newsflash 2/2021 is out! In this newsletter: The Northern Dimension Institute is currently mapping…
Title Published Date
Project: Climate Change and Biodiversity 09 April 2014
Project: Barents Encyclopedia 09 April 2014
Website: Barents Culture 09 April 2014
Study: PISM Policy Paper no. 37: Energy Policy in the Baltic States—United or Separate? (2012) 09 April 2014
Project: A School for All 09 April 2014
Study: Tank Cleaning in the Baltic Sea – Assessment of the Ecotoxicity of Tank cleaning effluents (2012) 09 April 2014
Study: Integration of the Baltic states into the internal energy market of the EU (2013) 09 April 2014
Study: Cultural Industries in Russia 09 April 2014
Study: Energy-efficient renovation of Moscow apartment buildings and residential districts (2013) 09 April 2014
Study: Environmental economic research as a tool in the protection of the Baltic Sea – costs and benefits of reducing eutrophication (2014) 09 April 2014
Publication: Creative Economy in the implementation 09 April 2014
Study: Business aspects of energy-efficient renovations of Sovietera residential districts (2014) 09 April 2014
Study: Mapping music industry 09 April 2014
Study: Russia’s involvement to the Northern Europe through the Northern Dimension (2009) 09 April 2014
Study: Coherent Northern Dimension (2011) 09 April 2014
Study: Changing Business Environment of the Barents Region – overview to current issues (2012) 09 April 2014
Study: Studies of Developing Finnish-Russian Business Clusters (2013) 09 April 2014
Study: Role of Trade development strategy in regional economic development: the Murmansk region case, Russia (2013) 09 April 2014
Project: Practice Future - an Open Innovation Local Business and Students Network 09 April 2014
Study: Analysis of the Trade Development Strategy: the Murmansk region case (2013) 09 April 2014
Study: Outsourcing Decision-Making in Mining Industry (2013) 09 April 2014
Study: New civic neighborhood (2013) 09 April 2014
BART - Proejct: Public-Private Partnership in Barents Tourism 09 April 2014
Project: Food and health security in the Norwegian, Finnish and Russian border region: linking local industries, communities and social-economic impacts 09 April 2014
Study: Models for International Innovation Policy : Transnational Channels and Regional Platforms (2013) 09 April 2014

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