Northern Dimension Business Council (NDBC)

The purpose of NDBC is to involve and integrate companies to be a part of the Northern Dimension policy, so that these companies could achieve competitive advantage through their active participation in the NDBC work. The fundamental idea of the NDBC is that the competitiveness of any region in the world is based on trust between government and business; with a clear division of tasks, rights and responsibilities between business and government.

The goals of NDBC goals are:

  • NDBC is a platform for interaction, experience-sharing and networking between companies.
  • NDBC ensures that the view of business community will be taken into account in developing the Northern Dimension policy.
  • NDBC is a platform for the dialogue between business and government structures.

NDBC Presentation (pdf)

For more information, please contact:

Mr. Jari Jumpponen (Advisor to Mr. Tapio Kuula, Co-chairman of NDBC) tel. +7495-663-9007 email: jari.jumpponen(at)

Mr. Pavel Isaev (Advisor to Mr. Alexey Mordashov, Co-chairman of NDBC) tel. +7495-721-8977 email: pavel.isaev(at)