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Northern Dimension: Hidden treasure of the European North

High-level discussion seminar in Autumn 2020

The Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs has commissioned the Northern Dimension Institute to co-organize  an information and discussion event in Brussels to promote the role and importance of the Northern Dimension for European wellbeing and prosperity. The high-level event is targeted to the decision-makers in the EU and its member states, as well as in the other ND partner countries.

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The event will highlight the relevancy of the Northern Dimension policy and its instruments for regional and cross-border cooperation that aims at finding solutions to common challenges. The event will demonstrate several success stories of the ND policy, such as joint environmental projects on waste-water treatment and energy efficiency, and cross-border exchange of information and best practices on healthcare and disease prevention.

The event is foreseen to take place in Brussels in autumn 2020. Would this not be feasible, the event will be organized as a web seminar.