Open Call Self-Sustaining Creative Economy Award

With the aim of promoting the values of artistic creation and extending them into the sphere of social utility, the artists Núria Güell and Levi Orta have launched Europe’s Self-Sustaining Creative Economy Award, with a prize of 9,500 euros going towards implementation of the winning project.

Proposals must be submitted in English.

Deadline: 23 December

The contest is open to all Europe-based collectives with an interest in the subject matter.

Self-sustaining creative economy” projects shall be taken to mean any initiative, not necessarily artist-conceived, that harnesses artistic creativity for an economic purpose and has social applications. These projects must attempt to redefine social development strategies outside of the economic and financial systems that control Europe.

The following will be taken into account when selecting the winner: the social impact of the proposal; freedom of operation in relation to economic and financial controls; and the conceptual and theoretical coherence of the project.

Each participant must submit a project dossier, which must include a description (maximum 2 pages long) of the project they wish to implement, a project summary, a budget with breakdown of costs and a presentation on the history and background of the collective or initiative, including contact details. All this information must be sent via email in PDF format to

More information here.