Publications from the first year of NDI Think Tank Action

The NDI Think Tank Action conducts research on thematic areas jointly agreed with the ND partnerships. The themes for the first year of the Action include climate change impact in the Arctic, emerging transport and logistics routes between Europe and Asia, healthy aging and creative industries’ contribution to societal challenges in the ND area. The intellectual outputs of this research includes policy briefs, academic articles and other scientific publications. The following publications were prepared during the first year (2019) of the Action.

NDI Policy Briefs

Troche, G. (2019) Euro-Asian land transport links – opportunities for rail. NDI Policy Brief 5/June 2019. 

Golubeva, E. and Emelyanova, A. (2019) Healthy ageing innovations in care for older residents of remote northern areas. NDI Policy Brief 6/September 2019. 

Sorokina, T., Trofimova, A. and Varakina, J. (2019) Systemic biomonitoring needed to mitigate Arctic health risks. NDI Policy Brief 7/December 2019.

Siluanova, L., Kuznecova, S., Yakhyaev, D., Grigorishchin, A., Hairova, T. and Zadorin, M. (2020) Ensuring safety of navigation and reducing transportation costs in the Arctic with digital technologies

Soloviova, A. (forthcoming) Symbolic resources of the Russian North in the global experience economy. Forthcoming as NDI Policy Brief x/2020.

Academic articles and other scientific publications

Thematic Area Transport and Logistics

Rekord, S. (2019) Economy of the future the view of the new generation of investors (in Russian). Izvestia Sank-Peterburgskogo Ekonomicheskogo Universiteta (Известия Санкт-Петербургского государственного экономического университета). – Special issue to SPIEF 2019. № 4 Pp. 62–65.

Mishalchenko, Yu.V. and Piskun, L.P (2019) International economic and legal aspects of Northern Sea Route use (in Russian). Sovremennye problemy menedgmenta (Современные проблемы менеджмента). СПб.: ООО «Скифияпринт».

Babich, S., Yakovleva, A. and Yulin, A. (2019) Transport and Logistics Potential of the Northern Sea Route in the Eurasian Economic Space (in Russian). Rossiyskaya Arktika, 4:5–14.

Stepanova, V.V., Ukhanova, A.V., Laverov, N., Grigorishchin, A.V. and Yakhyaev, D.B. (2019) Evaluating digital ecosystems in Russia’s regions (in Russian). Economic and Social Changes: Facts, Trends, Forecast, 12(2): 73–90.

Panin, V. (2019) Transport connection Arctic, Far East, Siberia, Urals (in Russian). Expert conclusion published within International Arctic Forum 2019.

Thematic Area Climate Change

Rekord, S. and Kulikov, D. (2019) International aspects of formation of technical and economic model of decarbonization of natural gas (in Russian). Problemy Sovremennoy Ekonomiki (Проблемы современной экономики). 3 (71): 176 – 180.

Kostin, K.B., Boldyrev, Y., Chernogorskiy, S., Shvetsov, K. and Zherelo, A. (2019) Mathematical model of regional socio-economic development of the Russian arctic zone resources. MDPI. Special Issue “Management of Comprehensive Development of the Arctic Territory”. 8(1):45.

Rekord, S. (2019) Arctic as arena for cooperation or confrontation? Expert conclusions published within International Arctic Forum 2019 (in Russian).

Voronin, M. (2019) Production and use of the LNG in Arctic. Expert conclusions published within International Arctic Forum 2019 (in Russian).

Maryandyshev, P. and Kangash, A. (forthcoming) Curbing black carbon emissions in the Arctic. To be published in 2020 as NDI Background Paper.

Thematic Area Healthy Ageing

Golubeva, E. and Emelyanova, A. (2019) The Foster Family as a means of promoting social inclusion of older people in the Russian North. In: Naskali P., Harbison J., Begum S. (Eds.) New Challenges to Ageing in the Rural North. International Perspectives on Aging, 22. Springer, Cham.

Thematic Area Culture

Soloviova, A. (forthcoming) Symbolic capital of the Russian North in the experience economy context. (manuscript prepared in 2019; to be published in 2020).