The NDI Think Thank Action conducts research on thematic areas jointly agreed with the ND partnerships. The themes for the Action include climate change impact in the Arctic, emerging transport and logistics routes between Europe and Asia, healthy ageing and creative industries’ contribution to societal challenges in the ND area. The intellectual outputs of this research include policy briefs, background papers and other scientific publications. The following publications have been prepared in the framework of the Action during 2020.

NDI Policy Briefs

Siluanova L., Kuznetsova S., Yakhyaev D., Grigorishchin A., Hairova T., Zadorin M. (2020). Ensuring safety of navigation and reducing transportation costs in the Arctic with digital technologies. NDI Policy Brief 8/January 2020.

Vienonen M. Preventing premature deaths in the Northern Dimension area. NDPHS/NCD Expert Group. NDI Policy Brief 9/June 2020.

Soloviova A. Symbolic resources of the Russian North in the global experience economy. Policy Brief 10/June 2020.

Erokhin D. Arctic shipping needs anti-avoidance rules to mitigate environmental disasters. NDI Policy Brief 11/December 2020.

Maryandyshev P. Wind Energy is a key solution for remote area energy supply in the High North of Russia. NDI Policy Brief 12/December 2020.

Vainiomäki P. Analysis of subjective wellbeing is important for wellbeing development in the Northern Dimension area. NDI Policy Brief 13/December 2020.

NDI Background Papers

Zaikov K., Sobolev N. Marine Plastic Debris Pollution in the Russian Arctic. NDI Background Paper 1/September 2020.

Kuznetsova S. Polar Code and other measures to improve safety of shipping in the Arctic. NDI Background Paper 2/December 2020.

Academic articles and other scientific publications

Grigorishchin A., Stepanova V., Finger M.P. (2020) Infrastructural potential of the Russian Arctic land territories. Corporate Governance and Innovative Economic Development of the North; Bulletin of Research Center of Corporate Law, Management and Venture Investment of Syktyvkar State University. No 4. 25-33.

Erokhin, D. Rovenskaya, E. (2020) Regional scenarios of the Arctic futures: A review. IIASA Working Paper. International Institute for Applied System Analysis.

Sorokina T., Trofimova A., Kondratov N., Shumilova Yu (2020). Impact of climatic effects on the environment and the economy of the Russian Arctic. IOP Conf. Series: Earth and Environmental Science 539 5th International Conference Arctic: History and Modernity 18-19.3.2020 St Petersburg, Russia.

Golubeva E., Emelyanova A. (2020). Policy initiatives on healthy ageing in Russia from 2010 to 2020. European Journal of Mental Health. 15 (2), 93-110.

Vasilenko D.V., Zinin V. L., Sarakhanova N. S. (2020) Decarbonization of private and public transport in the Northern Dimension region. Decarbonization of Transport in the Northern Dimension region. Vol 1. St. Petersburg Unecon Publishing House.
(original publication is in Russian: Декарбонизация транспортного сектора в регионе Северного измерения. В 6 ча- стях. Ч. 1. Декарбонизация сегмента автомобильного транспорта в регионе Северного измерения / Д.В. Василенко, В.Л. Зинин, Н.С. Сараханова. – СПб. : Изд-во СПбГЭУ, 2020. – 74 с. ISBN 978-5-7310-4990-0 (часть 1))

Vasilenko D., Zinin V., Sarakhanova N. (2020). Decarbonization of transport in the Northern Dimension countries. Alternative Fuel Transport (In russian Транспорт на альтернативном топливе). Vol. 4(76), Vol. 5(77) and Vol. 6(78).

Rekord S. Development of International Consortia with Arctic and Non-Arctic States in Russia’s Arctic zone. UNECON. Reports of the 15th International Scientific Conference Contemporary Management: problems and perspectives 2020.

Haubrock J., Babich S., Novozhilova E. General Trends of German Energy Development. UNECON. Reports of the 2nd International Conference Humanitarian Studies and Contemporary Challenges 2020.

Babich S., Belyaeva N., Petrova K. UNECON. Perspectives of Norwegian and Finnish regional economies in Arctic zone. UNECON. Reports of 2nd International conference Humanitarian Studies and Contemporary Challenges 2020.

Kulikov D. Challenges of hydrogen as a perspective fuel in energy transition. UNECON. Reports of International Forum Mining University 2020.!Aq78kBMK1l_ik_Nxd0q5e290ZbYFdQ?e=UsU6xn


In addition to the above list of outputs, the following intellectual contributions were prepared in 2020 and were in the editing process at the end of the year:

Forthcoming NDI publications

Emelyanova A., Golubeva E. Healthy ageing policy in Russia needs to consider gender, age, and territory. (manuscript prepared in 2020, published in 2021)

Kuznetcova S. Accident information is needed to prevent emergencies in the Arctic. 

Popkova S. Environmental protection in the Arctic needs more measures and monitoring. 

Babitch S, Rvacheva A., Zasukhina Y.,  Bulaeva M., Tagirova D. It is the best time to decarbonize the Baltic Sea Region. 

Zadorin M. Prospects for the development of the White Sea-Baltic Canal as a transit hub of the Northern Sea Route. (manuscript prepared in 2020, published in 2021)

Other academic articles and intellectual contributions, not yet published

Kuznetcova S. New approaches to provide safety through Northern Sea Route. (manuscript prepared in 2020, not yet published).

Grigorischin A., Zadorin M., Sorokina T., Yahyaev D., Bashkina I. Economic and other barriers to the Northern Sea Route exploitation in the context of Pan-Asian trade and their potential overcoming. (manuscript prepared in 2020, not yet published). 

Vasilenko D.V., Zinin V.L., Sarakhanova N.S. Decarbonization of Transport in the Northern Dimension region. Vol 2. Decarbonization of Trucks and Heavy Transport in the Northern Dimension region. (manuscript prepared in 2020, not yet published).

Zaikov K., Sobolev N. Assessment of the surface water pollution by microplastic in the Western Russia Arctic. (manuscript prepared in 2020, not yet published).

Rautio A., Piippo S., Pongrácz E., Golubeva E., Soloviev A., Grini I., Helgesen H. Healthy food practices, nutritional guidelines and food waste in the Arctic of Norway, Russia and Finland. (manuscript prepared in 2020, not yet published).

Soloviova A. Analysis of the creative platforms that represent the Northern Russian culture. (manuscript prepared in 2020, not yet published).