Northern Dimension events at EUSBSR Strategy Forum

The future of Northern Dimension cooperation will be discussed in at least two events during the 7th Strategy forum of EU Strategy for Baltic Sea Region in Stockholm, Sweden, 8-9 November. The second Northern Dimension Day will take place back-to-back to the strategy forum on 7 November.  Following the lines of the Forum, it will focus on envisioning the achievements …

ND Newsflash 3/2016

In this issue we bring you views throughout the Northern Dimension, from the Arctic to the Baltic Sea. And don’t forget to check out our new video “Exploring Northern Dimension“. We also wish you welcome to discuss the future of Northern Dimension during the EUSBSR Strategy Forum in the events organized by the NDPHS and NDI. See you in Stockholm! …

Jarmo Vehkakoski Koillisväylä MG 0909

Business views on the Northern Sea Route

There has been quite a buzz about increasing transportation in the Arctic routes, particularly in the Northern Sea Route during this decade. The NSR has been envisioned to provide a new transport route from Europe to Asia, and Russia and China have both projected a major increase in cargo volumes transported via the NSR in the coming years.

Scientific research utilized in the development of the Komi Republic

The Republic of Komi is one of the easternmost territories in the Barents region located at the foothills of the Ural Mountains. Research done at the Komi Science Centre, Ural Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences – one of the newest members of the Northern Dimension Institute – has already for decades addressed the most acute cultural and socio-economic questions in …

NDPC Annual Forum will take place in St Petersburg November 29-30

The main event of the Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture – the NDPC annual Forum in St. Petersburg in 2016 will take place in St. Petersburg November 29-30. The Forum will address the theme  “Culture as a Factor of Growth”, focusing on the synergies of culture and creative industries (CCIs) and tourism. Special emphasis will be given to gastronomic tourism, innovation in museums and creative clusters.

ND Newsflash 2/2016 featuring the Arctic

In this issue we have an Arctic twist. The ND Newsflash brings you highlights from the 7th Northern Dimension Forum and presents you contributions from two keynote speakers of the Forum. We are also glad to present the first High North Hero. In addition, we feature recent achievements from the Northern Dimension partnerships. You can read the individual articles below.