New transport research programme begins next year

The Research Council of Norway is launching a new 10-year transport research programme “Transport 2025”. The programme begins next year. Activities under the Transport 2025 programme will employ a systemic perspective on the transport system viewed as a whole. The programme will address transport issues related to road, rail, sea and air traffic, and include passenger as well as freight …

Project results: BARN seed money project

BARN seed money project The state of play report resulting from this NDPHS Seed Money Project, funded by the German Ministry of Health, sets the stage for a larger project educating health professionals on infection prevention and control. 

Project: Building capacity in prevention of HIV and associated infections among youth at high risk

Building capacity in prevention of HIV and associated infections among youth at high risk This project is working to map best practices in HIV prevention among youth at high risk of HIV/AI in Northwest Russia and other countries in the Northern Dimension area, and disseminate those best practices among the participating countries and training professionals in Northwest Russia to implement …

Project results: Alcohol and Drug Prevention Among Youth (ADPY); situation analysis for evidence based policies

The aim of the project was to reduce hazardous and harmful alcohol use and substance use in general among young people in municipalities around the Baltic Sea region through local empowerment and capacity building. General recommendations on community-based alcohol and drug prevention  ADPY Cooperation Model: Model of collaboration between different sectors in solving problems of alcohol use among young people

Project results: PrimCareIT

PrimCareIT The aim of the project was to raise the attractiveness of remote primary health care. Opportunities for professional networking and continuing medical education as well as career development in remote areas are several issues which could be efficiently managed by means of tele-consultation and tele-mentoring, including social media. The project complements the Imprim and ICT for Health projects.