Tallinn University, Estonia

Tallinn University is an innovative and academically enriching university. It is acknowledged both locally and internationally for its role as a centre for science and education.

The mission of Tallinn University is to support the sustainable development of Estonia through research and its application to academic partnership, including the preparation of intellectuals as well as public dialogue in order to facilitate this partnership.

Tallinn University incorporates19 institutes and 6 colleges in which study and research is conducted in six different disciplines: Educational sciences, Humanities, The Arts, Natural Sciences, Social sciences and Health sciences

More than 10,000 students, including 500 foreign students, are enrolled in Tallinn University’s bachelor, master and doctoral study programmes. Approximately 15,000 people also participate in further education and Open University studies each year.

The university employs a total of almost a thousand people, including 450 researchers and teaching staff. Compared to other institutions, Tallinn University has the greatest percentage of foreigners (9.4%) working as regular academic employees in Estonia.

The International Summer School organized by Tallinn University hosts about 300 participants from 50 countries every year.

Tallinn University was founded when a number of universities and academic institutes were consolidated into a single institution on 18 March 2005.

Contact person(s):
Sulev Lääne, R&D Manager, law and public administration lecturer 
Viola Rea-Soiver, Coordinator, Lecturer in Public Management